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  1. +1 on leave it alone and get more stuff around it later.
  2. You can always cover it with a panther and get another one in the opposite orientation. Welcome!
  3. I keep a list of ideas and write stuff down that pops into my head. Once in a while I go over the list and see if anything really strikes me, or if the bloom is off the rose for an idea I cross it off.
  4. That's not a good idea by any stretch of the imagination, but it's your money, and your penis.
  5. I like it! In six months you won't even be thinking about it. Like Hogrider said, there is no such thing as a perfect tattoo and the idea that a tattoo will stay the same forever, or that a tattoo can even be "perfect", is a myth. Welcome!
  6. Got a shark on my leg from Matt Howse at Idle Hand, and the next day my brother got a similar shark on his right shoulder. Matt's sharks are the best, and he's a great guy. Turns out we went to the same high school. What are the odds?
  7. I'm going for at least one of the days, probably Saturday. No appointments yet...
  8. Andrew Stortz has a new podcast, BOOKS CLOSED, about the Internet and how it has changed tattooing. It's an interview series that has, so far, featured Chad Koeplinger, Jason Scott, Todd Noble and Chris O'Donnell. Pretty damn interesting.
  9. Damn, I just saw this. I swung through Idle Hand later in the afternoon and got an Ace of Spades from Gary Royal. Also stopped by Jill's shop around 6, it looks great and everyone there is very nice. Next time! Steve
  10. Hey I'll be in SF tomorrow too! Also hoping to make it to Idle Hand for Still Not Asking For It. I'm due for a beer with some friends in the Mission later but am not sure what time that will be yet. Jill Bonny's new shop in the Haight is open for walkins tomorrow too... lots happening!