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  1. Yeah, I like it the way it is. Adding to an existing design can be tricky as the newer elements usually have a "tacked-on" feel - if you know there's a connection to your dad, that's really all you need.
  2. Is that the panther head fountain made of volcanic rock? I AM SO JEALOUS.
  3. Yeah, that's definitely one for the experts. Make sure you get to ask your doctor, and hopefully your artist is familiar with the subject and can advise you further.
  4. Both of the Lost Love books are really neat. The first book focuses on images up to the 1960s, while the second book adds images from the 1970s through the 1980s. Both books are a mix of flash sheets, newspaper articles, photos of peoples' tattoos, and tattoo-related artifacts like acetate stencils and business cards. It's really neat to see that while some images have fallen out of style, others have endured and are still being tattooed today just like they were decades ago. I don't think it would necessarily be bad to buy your friend Book 2 ahead of Book 1, since there isn't a narrative to get confused by - they're both simply collections of images.
  5. Hey welcome! That tattoo looks great! "Ink" is one of those slang terms that is widely used to describe tattoos... outside the industry. You see it used on TV a lot, and by people who are tattoo novices (not shaming!) but it isn't used that much in actual tattooing circles, except as kind of a joke. I really like your panda. Who's the artist?
  6. I have both of the Lost Love books and they're great ways to learn some of tattooing's long and varied history. They're also really nicely put together. I'd also recommend the books put out by Isaac Starr and LLL Books (The Rose Book, The Skull Book, The Girl Book, and The Cat Book) since each has a different lineup of artists and you get to see a lot of different styles.
  7. Second the panther.
  8. Greg kills it every time! I have no idea how someone can be so incredibly talented. In 20 years he's going to be a living legend.
  9. Love that one! It really exemplifies his style. Someday I'll get back to Philly.
  10. I think the placement is good. If it was higher, the beak would move onto your neck and the angle would make it appear bent.
  11. That looks great! Welcome to the club!
  12. Topper is leaving Philadelphia Eddie's for the True Hand Society.
  13. I like the sacred heart idea. Might not have to be all black, either. Or there's always the tried and true panther.
  14. I'm sure that if anyone laughs, their laughter will be about the joke of the Darwin fish itself, not at you for getting it tattooed on your shoulder. No self-respecting artist would laugh someone out of their shop like that.
  15. SF is the best! I had a whole big post written up but my laptop crashed and I lost it, so here are some of my favorites. Food: Tommy's Joynt, House of Nanking, Miller's Deli, Taqueria Pancho Villa, Taqueria San Jose, El Toro, El Farolito, La Corneta, Los Coyotes, R&G Lounge, Nopa, House of Prime Rib, Tony's Pizza, Halu, Tommy's Mexican Restaurant, The Cliff House, Suppenkuche, Swan Oyster Depot, Tadich Grill, Park Tavern, Alfred's Steakhouse, the Pinecrest Diner, and Buffalo Burger. Drinks (some of which have very good food): Mikkeller Bar, Giordano Bros, Zeitgeist, Bender's, Lucky 13, Smuggler's Cove, Whitechapel, The Old Ship Saloon, Aub Zam Zam, Molotov's, 540 Club, The Plough & Stars, Edinburgh Castle, Vesuvio, 15 Romolo, Mr. Bing's, Emperor Norton's Boozeland, The Pied Piper, House of Shields, Li Po, Buddha Lounge, 21st Amendment, Schroeder's, Alembic, Elixir, Delirium, Whiskey Thieves, Thieves Tavern, Toronado, Noc Noc, The Buena Vista Cafe, Gino & Carlo, Hemlock, Tempest, Trad'r Sam, and many many others. Have fun!