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  1. Bottom left corner of pic. you can clearly see the red J, The other initial is to the left of that. If you can make it out, great, I am not trying to out anyone. so I will leave it at that.
  2. Thanks for the negative description... It says IN god we Trust. The initials are on the inside of my elbow. I did not snap a pic of his initials specifically. I am not trying to belittle his work he did an amazing job. After reviewing everyone's input on here, I brought it up to him, and he has no problem fixing it when it is healed.
  3. I guess I have not gotten a tat done in 15 years and was just hoping this was a trend I wasn't aware of. Make me justify it to myself so to speak
  4. No it wasn't and it was placed in the most visual place for me to see. 95% of my tat is covered by a short sleeve shirt. the 5% that hangs out looks neat. then there are the initials that are on the inside of my elbow in an off color right in front of my face. I a debating asking him to cover them. I don't want to offend him, but I don't even have my wife's initials on my body after 12 years. Everyone that asks I tell them where I got it, I gave it a great review online. I am just torn.
  5. I got a new tat. I love it but something about it is bothering me. Is it a new thing for artists to tag their work with their initials? I now have an artists initials on my body forever. It is in the only part of the tat I can see when wearing a sleeved shirt. It is driving me crazy. Am I wrong?