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  1. This is my latest tattoo from Marius Meyer. 2x 4h sessions. :)
  2. Rebushido


    Kali by Marius Meyer 2x 4h
  3. thank u! and i agree this is so fucking cool and i love it! cant wait to get it done! but the amount of pain.. well u can imagine.. this really hurt. everybody shaves there pubes no? hehe - - - Updated - - - @hogg, @Avery Taylor i have a hairy chest and stomach so its what i´ll get anyway hehe i´ll shave handlebars on her and post some pics when its done hehe..
  4. haha! BAD!! well it felt like he was cutting it right off! but mixed in with all the pain from the rest it just went really quick and easy haha
  5. started this yesterday! by Marius Meyer 4,5 h
  6. o cool man! yea im so fucking stoked on it! heres a picture
  7. thanx!! Henning is probably one of the best tattoers in the world and a true gentleman. I had the honors to attend the Royal tattoo 30th anniversary 2 weeks ago and almost every big shot in tattooing was there and they just adore Henning, think that says alot! pretty cool if u ask me. :)
  8. I´m not sure wich i like better between Henning and Mikes tattoos hehe but that baku is amazing!
  9. This is from Henning Jorgensen. done at Royal Tattoo. enjoy!
  10. yea he is awesome! he even invited me to the 30th anniversary party! every tattooer that worked/guested royal is gonna be there! so im really looking forward to that.. Henning is a wizard - - - Updated - - - - - - Updated - - - doit dude! the tiger healed in 2 days.. almost no blood during the making ore after.. :)
  11. hello! this is my amazing oneshot tiger from Henning Jorgensen! got it done at Royal Tattoo/Helsingör about 6 hours!
  12. Henning Jorgensen.,tiger
  13. by Marius Meyer at Invictus Tattoo in Oslo Norway
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