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    Been getting tattooed for about three and a half years.
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  1. Had my second session a couple of days ago. I was in horrible shape going into this session, with stiches in my head, a concussion and generally fatigued. But "the stoke" pulled med through.
  2. @Ciel It depends on the artist. My artist only stenciled a little bit of my outlines and freehanded the rest. The artist will probably have the stencil ready and you probably won't have to pay for the time he's spent drawing it up. If the artist is freehanding the outlines he'll probably charge you for it. As far as stenciling for each session, that depends on a lot of factors, such as: size, subject matter, amount of detail, how long you're able to sit, etc. You might only need to stencil for the first session, if you want a more simple and smaller back piece. If you want a traditional Japanese back piece, it will span for your neck to the back of your knees, and you might have to stencil for multiple sessions. Hope this helps you.
  3. Thanks for the love @ItsNewport Marius is just off the hook!
  4. Started my back with Marius Meyer yesterday.
  5. Started my back with Marius Meyer yesterday. This is as far as we got.
  6. Starting my back with Marius Meyer in a few days. Going to cover up a Polynesian tribal, so this should be interesting. Wish me luck!
  7. My copy has been sitting in New York for a bit over a week, and doesn't seem to be moving. So anxious to dive in to this book!
  8. Tiger dagger done by Tyson Arndt in february last year, at Stockholm Classic. Venomous snake dagger done a little over a year ago in Newcastle while he was on tour.
  9. @suburbanxcore, his dragons are amazing, but so is everything else he does. Can't remember the last time I saw something I didn't like on his instagram. Just an amazing artist.
  10. Booked in with Marius Meyer in the beginning of february. Been putting it of for years, but now is the time! Told him I would be getting a dragon, but I might get something else. Doesn't really matter, as everything he does is perfect.
  11. havetsherre


    Welcome! That's a great looking panther. Who did it? Looking forward to see your coming submissions!
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