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  1. Freddy Corbin in February. It’s been a while since I logged on.
  2. VArgas, Conn, Nava all make great heads
  3. I’ve been getting hosed lately when it comes to tattoos. Siebert unfortunately had to cancel his trip to Portland. The Ghost Dragon original I bought from Hoyer was demolished in the mail and returned to him in three separate pieces and I had to cancel my trip back east earlier in the year to see O’donnell. In the wake is all this I’m hoping to have karma come back around. I’m hopefully heading back to California for a new project. I’ll keep you all posted. Pray for me haha.
  4. Planning to fly down for the day to see at least Siebert and maybe one more!
  5. Emailed Siebert.... hoping he will be back in SF and I can save a flight to Austin. Fingers crossed. I won't be able to make to Bay Area Convention this year.
  6. Lehi September 18th then a flight to Austin to get laced up by Ben Siebert. He's an absolute beast thats blowing the doors off daily.
  7. I'll take this thread in a different direction... does anyone have any experience getting tattooed by RG? Is he pretty quick?
  8. Hey man I would love to see more photos of that Kahlil Backpiece you have. I aw it on ig and it took my breath away. I have been getting tattooed by Kahlil for two years now.

  9. ABSOLUTELY STELLAR! SO jealous yet so excited for next week to see him.
  10. We all know the pros and cons of the internet these days. Tattoos are a part of main stream culture. Everyone with a smart phone and an Instagram accounts is a self professed expert of the craft but I think there’s still something to be said for having the world at your fingertips. The fact is that the market is so saturated with talent if you weren’t an established tattooer 20+ years ago you’re likely getting lost in the fray. I hope this thread serves as a place to shine a light on talent that doesn’t necessarily get the recognition they may deservd. Share those tattooers you’ve stumbled acrosss and are now blowing your mind. You may even want to be tattooed by some of them in the future. I’m sure this list will be growing and evolving for me but I’ll start off: Luca Mamone- Italy Chad Chesko- US Daniel Hoang- Italy Zach Stuka- US Nello Rossini- Italy Alvaro- Spain Stance- Canada Charlie Nilsson- Sweden Nick Filth- US Matt Mooney- Australia Hori Tusukikage- US
  11. I've been gone for way to long but Timothy Hoyer will be hitting the road across the country. Keep an eye out, legends like that don't often come around.
  12. I'm sure I could keep this thread alive on my own. I think another name that I don't hear often enough is Nick Rodin! So much soul in his work!
  13. I currently reside in Portland Oregon which is a pretty free thinking liberal microcasim in a conservative state. This year I traveled to SF, Oakland, LA, and Seattle so far and what I've noticed is the sheer previlance of hand tattoos on younger people (my people) 20-30s. Having had the opportunity to be tattooed by some of the most respected cats in the game we've talked about this phenomena. The resounding answer I hear from those tattooers is that they will avoid tattooing hands at almost all costs. When I really break it down with them their criteria is always the same, the individual should have heavy coverage, a stable job without any aspersions of making a massive shift in the work force and an understanding of the gravity of a hand tattoos whether they see it that way or not. I love hand tattoos I love the power they carry and at times I see myself with them one day. I always end the internal conversation asking myself those same questions. Do I have the coverage that would garner the respect of those in the industry I look up to, am I in a financial place where I feel stable enough in my job, is there another career that I might be limited or barred from because of my self expression? I am in no way suggesting these are rules everyone has to have thinking of getting hand tattoos. I guess I'm hoping to start the conversation on this current influx of hand tattoos, will these young people change the norm in accepting hand tattoos or are they just as limiting as we were raised to believe even in this day and age?
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