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  1. So did you ever end up calling up Regino Gonzalez for a tattoo?

  2. Thanks Joe I will see how this pans out. I spoke to Regino last night we spoke briefly he asked me if I could send him the pictures through email so he can have a more of a idea on what he's up against.
  3. Well thank you all for your constructive criticism I appreciate that you guy's took the time to chime in to my thread. All I was looking for was a exceptional artist that can handle doing cover-up and also making a amazing tattoo I called & emailed a couple of artists and for the most part they did not deal with coverup's and the ones that did I was not feeling their artistic style. David how would I remind you of a guy that knows of a tattoo artist since I never on this forum stated I know such and such person so I don't get what your saying? I appreciate your thoughts to post on my threa
  4. Hey perez do you not like his work for some reason? Do you find him to be just so-so? I found this posted by Tim Hendricks http://twitter.com/#!/Saltwatertattoo/status/199718839741710336
  5. Yea I have his instagram been following him for a month or so, Thanks I appreciate the comments on this thread. I been lurking (researching) around for someone around my area for a while checking all tattoo forums & blogs. I called Regino at his cell phone hopefully he will get back to me so we could set up a consultation. It's really hard to decide who to go to since this will be my very first tattoo that will be coming out of a actual artist not some one doing it at home. All my tattoos where basically done by hobbyist (no sugar coating) and they look horrible. I totally regret what I h
  6. Well as far as what I seen in black and white it's pretty cool but I haven't seen to much work floating around I wonder why could that be? The only reason why I stated that he could be the best on the east coast is word of mouth, as far as work done I wouldn't have a clue besides those tattoos he has up on his website:confused:
  7. Well who do you consider as the best in the same line of work he does in the north east area it doesn't even have to be Ny it could be the surrounding areas.
  8. Do you guys consider him as a great artist or the best artist up-north east coast?
  9. Can American traditional tattoos be used in place for coverups? The reason why I asked this question here is because I don't see a thread made about traditional american artist such as steve boltz ,and I don't have enough posts to start my own.
  10. Who are the best traditional American artist's in the east coast area?
  11. I just downloaded Instagram last night after work lol. I was trying to figure out how I could follow some great artists, that way I cold just carry my ipad to work and check their work out.
  12. I work 6 days a week and that wouldn't be a possibility to see him unless he ever comes down to new york and stays here so he can do a massive sleeve for me lol.
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