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  1. Hello, I live in Vancouver, and correspond daily with another member of the forum that lives in Norway. Welcome to LST.
  2. This series of backpieces by Chris Brand fits nicely in this thread.
  3. Thanks man. We can't wait to see that new backpiece or yours in person, and to meet Miles for the first time. Hopefully you guys will make it out this way before too long.
  4. I'm pretty sure Dan just left for Europe, and plans to be there for the next few months. Make a plan to get tattooed by Cheyenne. Then make your way up to Vancouver. The Canadian dollar is shit right now so you could come up here and live like a king.
  5. Matt is leaving LA today. He is going back to Boise. I don't think he has officially announced his plans, but I know that he will be there for a long time.
  6. That low Canadian dollar is killing me right now. We are headed to LA next week, and the exchange rate is debilitating.
  7. Ichibay is my favorite. If he goes to the SFO convention this year then I will also go.
  8. You pulled out a comment that I made two years ago which had no barring on any current discussion and called it "laughable". If that isn't looking for an argument then I don't know what is. I hate clogging the feed with this sort of shit, and I apologize to everyone for doing it. I have my reasons for picking the other shops over Smith Street, but I did not say anything to discredit anyone at Smith Street or anywhere else for that matter. And I didn't say that being here from the beginning made my opinions more valid than anyone else's. What I was saying is that in five years, and nearly 700 posts on this forum I have never been in one argument until now. On your twelfth post you started one. I accept your apology, and if I am wrong about this whole thing then I also apologize. Now how about we let this thread get back to what it is really about. If you have anything you would like to further discuss send me a private message.
  9. Twelve posts in and you are trying to start a fight with someone that has been on this forum since the beginning. I suggest that you start to really educate yourself on tattoos and tattooing before you go around using cliches that you don't really understand. That is all I will say to you on this subject. Good Luck my friend. You are off to a wonderful start.
  10. I guess you're one of those guys that thinks that every traditional tattoo needs lines as thick as your femur. Come back in a year or two and let me know what trend you are into then.
  11. I saw this thing on late night cable tv maybe ten years ago or longer. When I saw it I had no idea if it was real or not. I'm glad you posted this. It still cracks me up.
  12. You should probably go down to Olympia and see Marco Hernandez at Lit Fuse. He is mostly known for his Black and Grey work, but he can do pretty much anything. He has been tattooing for a long time, and he is really good at fixing up and adding on to tattoos that people are not happy with. He travels a lot so I recommend calling to see if he is around before you drive down, but he will be worth whatever time it takes to get tattooed by him.
  13. I'm glad to see a thread about money come up on here, and stay on track with reasonable questions and reasonable answers. We have always avoided the topic, but it is a big part of getting tattooed, and new people come here to educate themselves on all aspects of tattooing. I think we have avoided it for so long because we didn't want it to turn into a big gossip thread about what specific tattooers charge. I personally have never asked ahead of time about the price, but I do think it is a good idea. Especially if you are new to getting tattooed. The ones of us that have been getting tattooed for a decade or more usually have some idea of what we might get charged. Even though we don't talk about it on open public forums we do share this type of information privately. When you are travelling across the country or across the world to get tattooed by someone you have never met before it is a huge help to have friends that have been tattooed by them. They let you know what to expect when you get there. Where to get a good pre-tattoo meal and post-tattoo drink, where the closest ATM is, how fast or slow the tattooer is, and what to expect on the money side. If you don't have friends like that as a resource then you need to talk about the price beforehand no matter how uncomfortable it makes you. I honestly believe that most really good tattooers are very fair with their pricing. That has been my experience over the last twelve years, but I also know that there are a few famous tattooers out there that charge ridiculous prices, and a couple of my friends found out the hard way. It sucks when that happens because it can really sour a person on getting tattooed.
  14. You booked in with Dan. Can't wait to see what you get.
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