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  1. (sorry for the bad photos) got this today from Simon Erl so many details in it that i love, he also probably had the lightest hand of anyone ive been tattooed by, would love to get more work from him and got this lil sentimental thorn with rose from my mentor curtis pettigrove on friday. he's returning to the other side of the world in a month so im getting them in whilst i can, that and he's got mad style and is such a chill dude to get tattooed by aswell as a great friend, so if youre in the london area you should catch him before he returns to aus
  2. got this lil' dude today on the side of my thigh from Joe Chatt. super great experience, lovely dude. showed me some old stencils, business cards, and flash that he'd acquired during his recent travels only just stopped limping from the last one :rolleyes: aiming for Erl next and a large piece from my mentor before he moves back to aus
  3. got this from lee knight today, first of 2016! planning to tie it together along with some other elements to the walking panther he put on my shin last year. had a shift at work straight after so the top part is looking real angry right now, hope it hasnt goofed with the healing too much think i forgot to post the last few i got, these two are from one of my mentors curtis pettigrove and not a good photo really but i also got these two kissing nuns from rose whittaker. having big legs rule caus ive got tonnes of space still. getting tattooed by joe chatt next week with any luck. years starting off well!
  4. just passing through. thanks for looking second one down is part of a split set in progress with my mentor curtis. apparently this weeks colours are silver grey and salmon pink
  5. @CultExciter @ApprenticeLife @beez thanks all for the kind words. much appreciated! here's one more from a set im currently doing
  6. @cltattooing thank you so much! i hope our paths cross some day and we can trade tattz. love your work!
  7. some from the past month or so, mainly hardy worship if by any chance any of you are in london uk and would like a free apprentice tattoo then hit me up. i have no tattooed friends in london other than my mentors etc. and its making things slow insta @slugggg. thanks for looking
  8. got this guy from Lee Knight yesterday, was meant to just be a consultation but he had space that afternoon and was blown away by what he was sketching up on the spot so went straight for it. Sits between the last two i posted the other day, on my shin
  9. got this panther a couple weeks ago from curtis pettigrove and the pilot lady about a month ago from harriet heath
  10. haven't been here for a while here's some recent stuff (sorry this post is probably gonna be long...) i got really into painting thorns and puddles i guess
  11. @HettyKet i'm not a post pregnancy girl or anything, just a fat girl with stretch marks and a stomach tattoo, and for me it wasn't any issue! i think that design is awesome and would suit the placement you wish to put it in realllllllly well, i'd say go for it! but of course at the end of the day its something to discuss with your tattooist. i know some people feel iffy about tattooing over stretch marks but also many others who say its no big deal. it just can cause them to raise a bit whilst you're getting tattooed/any lines over them may appear wonky but they will settle down again
  12. couple of recent ones: made by Dave Condon (who is also currently working on my stomach) from Curtis Pettigrove
  13. green machine still experimenting a bunch but i think i've finally got the hang of how to lay out a page (borders solve everything)
  14. got my second tattoo from claudia de sabe today needless to say i'm extremely happy with it (and sore) on the back of my upper arm
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