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  1. My parents thought nothing of it, to be honest. They just thought that I was in my rebel years.
  2. Adulting comes so dead last with me. I am completely tattoo rich.
  3. As an, admittedly, Filipino-half blood, I don the cap of this is awesome! The European in me is envious of the moon story behind it. Makes me want to track down the story. How are you shading it?
  4. I'm trendy. Hurts to say, I guess. It's really only when I see my favorite local tattooers tattooing a series, though. Usually, it's the mark of a friend to get a seried tattoo, and I know that much to be true.
  5. SAY WHAT AGAIN Nah, just sayin. Stop waking up so early, viezure
  6. I'm in love with a fully covered girl. She and I had a falling out this year, and I fell off a roof after getting thrown out of a bar that she wasn't supposed to be at, since I was a regular there, and ever since we spoke and met at a dinner event, she has demonized dive bars I've been plaguing my mind with ways to express that tattooed people often seek normality in others, but we have such a place in the "not for everyone" spectrum of life, that I missed a night to ask her on a second date. She knows it, and won't ever let me forget, but that's just how I was brought up, to never let my desire, as a lesser, still heavily as in dedication and perserverance tattooed individual, let a fight between adults get me back to remembering how and why I lost out. Eh, I think it was @beez who said a couple of years ago, forgive my anonimity here, but I've been around since the start of LST, I just wish to keep this open yet closed, that it takes balls to date a tattooed woman. And, it does. I've spent nights out in the cold because of this woman, and she won't ever err me for it like my exes. The first and last of dating in tattooism.
  7. Hi, gn. It's Boodah from the glory days. Hope your holidays are going well. I miss the salad days of LST. Rose of No Man's Land, be safe. Love and Truth.

  8. Because I had to make a fool of myself on the internet. My bad, dude. I thought I was agreeing with you.
  9. Stuff and things. Professional tattooed people are ergo defined as protected by a statute of limitations, defined by socio-political discussions and their, oddly enough, worded as "people" with whom they discuss and are eventually felt to be held, by, importantly, outside influences on their previously set-in-stone choices.
  10. I am trying to post my uploaded profile picture, and it seems to be a broken upload, at least on my end. Any admins aware of the opposite happening across the screen?
  11. Wow, @Michaelshane . I love Marie Sena's work. That cat is in the most comfortably odd position. Something I am doing with my backpiece (there's a tiger involved).
  12. Rebel stuff. Brutality of friendship in the good times that kill us all.
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