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    Haven't gotten the tattoos I wanted throughout my life (numerous reasons) and now regret it and want to change that. I don't plan to get a ton, but I have plans for about 4 more at the moment.
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    Knitting, sewing, medieval fairs and reenactment
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    Slave to a toddler

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  1. I don't share them on social media. Or do you mean you don't wish to see them on the forums? I posted here because I felt it is worth talking about some of the nonsense in it. Just like others like to discuss "dumb hipster tattoos" etc. ;)
  2. I am Gluten sensitive :p The Central Park thing sounds really funny...like to imagine them stopping random people and asking "do you have any health issues? Yes? Well that's why!" *points at tattoos :confused: What really annoys me is how dramatic these type of articles always are though...
  3. My friend sent me this. I am sceptical...but I'm interested to hear what you think about the supposed studies and ingredients. I haven't suffered any adverse health issues. In fact I am healthier than 8 years ago without much ink. Tattoos linked to chronic health problems; dyes, chemicals can cause long-term allergies and infections, warn scientists
  4. I was recently asked if my tattoos are real tattoos...by someone who sees me once a week. Was she thinking I draw them on every friday? ;) I guess it says something about my style of tattoos though :p
  5. I really only watch TV shows/ films when I am knitting, sewing or embroidering but I just finished outlander, once upon a time and I have watched a lot of BBC period dramas ^^... My friend recommended Penny Dreadful to me and I might give Salem a try.
  6. I have encountered this attitude about lasering. My friends asked what I will do if I don't want my tattoos anymore and before I could answer they said "Oh I forgot they can can be lasered off much better these days."...To which I responded I would never ever let a laser near my tattoos...(OR take out piercings). Is it so weird wanting to look this way as a senior too? People think that with (more) age I must automatically not want it anymore :P.
  7. I think this woman definitely did not need to rant in public about being turned down. She could have went to another shop. While I understand the idea behind the code, I am glad I still got my hand and wrist tattoos without a full sleeve. And I wonder what about the people that may never want a sleeve or lots of coverage, but would still love a hand or neck tattoo and remain dedicated to their tattoos? How would artists handle that? How would they decide I wonder?
  8. I assume he was simply observing the map and trying to locate places? ^^ Some people don't know how obvious they are. As far as the topic: I have noticed too that people stare at my tattoos. They aren't big so I assume they just feel the very obvious placement and designs are weird. I get asked what "it means" a lot. I'm used to stares from dressing unconventional (not always but I like an enormous variety of styles, so some days I freak out my neighbors)...I ignore and if people keep staring I stare back and sometimes just ask "what?" with a smile.
  9. Oh yeah I definitely keep an open mind and ask if it is realizable combined with the placement and make changes if needed or listen to advice. My artist felt my sketches are suitable so we went ahead and he only improved the lines some as he went. Not saying to just get whatever but I think comprimises are good so the customer can get their sketch made possible if that is really important. I also say compromise because even if a customer wants something less than ideal, like in my case thin lines or small symbols on the hand, it should not mean one has to "completely" dismiss their original idea. But I spoke to the artist about it and we said if I keep it fairly simple, with enough space etc. it will age "okay". Not as perfect as bold, clear black lines but I just can't see myself with anything too heavy...so it would be no tattoo or second best option :) I hope that is understandable. As far as the OP goes, I think it is realistic to expect it won't need too much adjustments. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. Idk what most artists think about home sketched tattoo designs, but I got 4 of my hand drawn designs tattooed and the artist improved it a bit while tattooing. I am continuing to draw my own stuff because the ancient tattoo designs I like can't be found online to be printed. I like what you drew up, it looks great imo. I think a good artists should also understand that sometimes customers just want exactly what they want and no improvements to the design. It is most important that it is perfect to you isn't it?
  11. I have never even thought of armpit tattoos! :eek: That really does sound difficult.
  12. Yeah I'm considering that. I don't need the lines super perfect if that means I have to go for much thicker lines. My personal taste happens to be rather thin lines, not much I can do.
  13. Wow...I was under the impression tattoos are more affordable in Europe. The price quotations I have gotten in New York and San Diego were double or more of what I pay here (Frankfurt Germany). Must vary a lot by Country and US State.
  14. Ankle and foot is something I am planning for next summer. I'm also thinking about the side of the foot. Wondering what that will be like.
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