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  1. I'm thinking about sweet eagle tats, and possibly having one, or three, on me. Are there any ladies out there with some good strong eagles on them? I do think of eagles as more of a masculine back piece/ chest piece, and I'm no tougher than a geriatric miniature poodle. To be clear, I'm not asking for opinions of what to do with my body. I'm wanting to get feedback/pics regarding eagles on chicks, from chicks with eagles, or dudes that love chicks with sweet eagle tats. I'm also not opposed to finding out whose eagles are so good that they make you mad.
  2. dari

    medusa head nyc

    I feel a need to comment but this leaves me speechless. Amazing!
  3. Great tattoos make me a little angry.
  4. Interesting discussion, kinda wish Dan Higgs would weigh in.....
  5. Also, @HaydenRose, get that rose re-done! You don't need to walk around with that reminder.
  6. @WideOcean, can't you just go back to the polite and serious plumber? I think humility and sensitivity go an awful long way. If your chinese is terrible, maybe he could speak with you in private instead of in front of other customers? I also expect my tattooers to know which elements will and won't work. My husband (who won't tattoo me 'cause I'm a pain in the ass) will be the first person to tell me if I'm "trying to shove 3 lb. of shit in a 2 lb. bag." Or he'll ask "How big do you think your arm is?" when I'm telling him my ideas. I'm sure the tattooer meant no harm, maybe it was a culture/l
  7. @Fermin, please do not use citronella on your skin. Don't use it on your dog, either, some dogs can have a very bad reaction. There are many, many, many essential oils that can be used neat, but most would be too harsh for a fresh tattoo. The only oil to ever put on a tattoo is lavender, and that's mixed with a carrier oil. And do make sure it's actually lavender, from a reputable company like Oshadii or Simplers or Young Living. There's 70% more products on the market that say "lavender oil" than there is lavender grown in the world. I have used this to heal a tattoo, but dryer always seems t
  8. Damn, wish I knew we were practically family! I would've come gotten a close up look at your butt! - - - Updated - - - It looks like SFO is the new Xmas.
  9. There was a lot of discussion about not talking about finances on LST in the early days, can we consider this thread respectfully semi-closed? Every shop/city/local tax board has different customs, you can always ask helpers if unclear.
  10. The Tim Lehi tiger wraps around the front of my shin and the tail goes up the front of my thigh. I love Tim's tiger's so much, they make me angry. Grez did that Durga on me earlier today, I'm waiting for the swelling to hit. He's real light handed, so I'm sure tomorrow will be worse than getting tattooed. I know pic isn't amazing, I took it myself with iPad, heels touching, and toes turned out. If I just stood straight on, they could see each other, but we couldn't see them. That picture really does a disservice to the tiger, you can't see the awesomeness of the colors of the face or how it f
  11. So funny to me that I'm reading this now. I've dry healed a few things, mainly because I'm busy/lazy, but I got an awesome new lower leg tattoo today and I don't want to fuck it up. I've had trouble with a lower leg tattoo before so I thought I'd check out aftercare advice here tonight. I even went to Walgreens and bought Dial soap and some creepy Lubriderm type lotion (creepy to me 'cause I don't generally rub petroleum products on my body.) I do, however, love the smell of Dial soap, and we only use green/organic stuff around here so I'm super excited about that. I'm pretty sure my husband w
  12. Leviticus also says a woman needs to marry her husband's brother if her husband dies, that people should be stoned to death if they break the sabbath, and a whole bunch of other wacked out ideas. I'm pretty sure that book was written by a homophobic meth head, just disregard that whole shitshow.
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