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    Born and raised in SoCal but Montana owns my soul. I live on a small farm with my Hubby and our dogs.
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    Gardening, photography, clay work and Working with the homeless.
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    Volunteer at UGM

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  1. I'm tired as shit, hubby was traveling all week so I didn't sleep at all then sat for 5 on my arm yesterday. Between the damn dogs and cats last night I think I spent most of the time holding my arm in the air. Grrr super grump today and I'm sore as shit too. Waaaaaa!
  2. Hi, personally I like them. I think their fun and look great. However the style is not a favorite of the forum here. I'm working on a fantacy sleeve myself, I personally like all styles of tattooing. Wear them proudly.
  3. I got the creep factor the other day at the market. I was at the check out line and there was a married couple one lane over. I noticed that every time his wife was turned away from me, he was making eye contact with me and giving me the "hey baby head nod and smirk" Gross, completely turned my stomach. I gave him my best snarley face and a head shake. really, I don't mind looks as much as I do creepy men who disrespect their wives like that.
  4. Do you know who did his work? Was it the same guy? I'd be pissed if so, but I'm pretty sure I've seen the design or something similar in the past. BTW, I love it, it's a lovely design and I wouldn't worry to much about it.
  5. I've been kicking around another idea for my right arm, I'm thinking a 3/4 sleeve. Of a Geisha sitting, with a very sad expression, holding a black cat in her arms. The idea comes from a beautiful print my friend brought me back from Japan 10 years or more ago and in time has become my favorite piece. For the back ground, my nerdieness and love of repeating patterns and fabrics comes in. Instead of clouds, swirls and waves, (maybe broken up with wind bars?) I was thinking the lovely Kimono patterns in Black and negative space and only the Geisha in color. Now that I typed all that out, I'm sure I want her now.
  6. Sigh, my hubby just had a lovely portrait of a woman put right over his heart. Never considered a pic of me....Rat bastard.....At least with the placement and his um natural coat, She is the bearded lady.
  7. I'm already planing my second sleeve, though I think I'll be waiting for close to a year after this one is done to begin it. I'd also love to get a back piece now too as well as getting my knee caps done. Yes I am going for good coverage fairly quickly but I'm 43 and have made up my mind that this is the journey for me. I'd go quicker but hubby's back is hogging up the extra money ;)
  8. I'm happy there's pain as well. It's actually taught me a few things about myself and has given me the courage to try new things and say yes to new experiences. As I've gotten older with some health issues, I began shying away from new and uncomfortable situations (physically speaking) But now 13+ ish hours in, I've been embracing physically new and possible and probable pain inducing activities. I'm not afraid of getting hurt anymore. I began 4 wheeling and I'm loving it, joined two softball leagues and have begun hiking, with plans to go sky diving this summer too. Have I gotten hurt? Yes, but I'm able to shake it off now and move on. Completely unexpected.
  9. I love your idea with the carp, I think it will be stunning imagery. Ive been thinking on my next piece and was concidering a dragon eating a carp or morphing into one. IDK, your idea is brillant. Carp killing where I live is a thing, I'm not much of a blood thirsty gal myself but people here are quiet inventive in their methods......explosives, AR15's and BaseBall Bats. Go for it!
  10. The city does a "lunch in the park" here in Missoula every Wednesday. Live bands, tons of food vendors etc. Yesterday was the first one of the season, so I went by myself, found a nice picnic bench to eat at and observe everyone walking by. There was still 8 or 9 free benches left, so I sat comfortably believing I was insulated abit and surely no one would interrupt my loner time. When 3 conseritive women in their 50's come up and announce that they are my new friends. Yay, I'm friendly enough and it was ok, but most of the lunch they chatted with me and to eachother about tattoos. Ugh, it did get kind of weird after a bit so I chucked my Pad Thai and moved on.
  11. I saw something recently about full body tattoos fetching several hundred thousand in life when agreeing to hand over the skin apon death. I'm sure there is more to the tracking of the body but.....cool
  12. My mother was an art major at Cal state LB in my early years. I remember sitting in her nude drawing class with live models many nights. I think I was 4 and 5 at the time when this woman stood for the class with long dark hair in a pony tail going down her back, vine/flower arm bands on each arm and a peace sign on her butt. I thought at the time she must be a princess, Because she was SO beautiful. :)
  13. Disgusting, I hate religious zealots! I Had an older man approach me the other day and asked WHY I did that to my beautiful skin. I told him I had waited my whole life for a beautiful piece and I love it. He then asked about when I get older like 40 and changed my mind.......I answered that I'm 43 and I'm quite able to make permanent life changing decisions. BUT Thanks anyways. It's funny though, that he would feel so uppity about my work since he had been panhandling before I walked up. I also had another man ask me what my tramp stamp said. I said excuse me...1 I'm not a tramp and 2 I don't have any tramp stamps. He answered It might help you get pregnant. :( WTF? Oh then last night, Hubby and I were getting a beer at a local pub when some skezie guy started talking to me about my work then started stripping to show me all his....He then asked about hourly wages. It didn't bother me since he didn't ask how much it cost. I told him....He said HOLY SHIT! I NEVER pay more than 40 an hour and my guy even does it in my kitchen....I smiled and walked away quickly.
  14. I was talking to my artists yesterday about his opinions on which sunscreen would be the best for me. He said none. In his opinion, sunscreen is very toxic and causes cancer rather quickly. He showed me some of his oldest work on his older sundamaged skin and his work is still beautiful, bold and bright. This made me think of a study I read last year stating sunburns/sun damage during childhood is what causes skin cancer. As an adult, sundamage causes premature aging but the dice is already cast if you will develope cancer. I thought it was interesting on both accounts. Thought I'd share.
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