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    My name is Jamie, but I got by Bluewind. I love animals and have 2 dogs (a min pin named Sugar and a rat terrier named Missy) and an Albino Sand Boa (Lily).I'm currently saving up for my first tattoo, but I've admired the craft for years. I'm hoping to get good advice from people who are knowledgeable about good ink.
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    Southern USA
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    Reading, researching, and gaming (especially Sims and Skyrim)

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  1. Thanks! It really healed great. My artist still wants to touch up at 3 months to have it perfect (just how he is), so I'm debating on rather I should upload a pic now or wait until the touch up heals. I'm female and I got to admit that it is making me rock my capri pants a lot. I'm protecting with sunscreen, but it feels too good having it out in the open to hide it under pants. I even bought a dress! Mind you I owned exactly 0 dresses (because I've always been a tomboy and I also have massive hooters that dresses tend to show off and get me unwanted attention), but I found a simple purpl
  2. That's actually really cool. My town is just weird that way. I know not all Christians are like that and most are good people. My closest friends are a Christian, an Atheist, a Wiccan, and a White Witch and they are all wonderful people who really don't care about someone else's beliefs or what they do to their body as long as someone they care about isn't doing something dangerous. My Mamaw was a gospel singer and my sister is very involved in the church. I know lots of good Christians, but I know lots of bad ones too unfortunately. My town is just weird in that their are a lot of people
  3. I've been brainstorming and I was wondering if a robin feather would work better than a robin for behind my ear. I'm having trouble finding an image of anything but feathers from the wings and tail to get an idea of how it might look. Any thoughts?
  4. That's actually essentially what I'm doing. My asthma has been really bad lately (like scare the crap out of an ER triage bad), so I'm glad I'm currently living with my dad until they can get it back under control (currently on quadruple Symbicort and trying to get an allergy test). Plus dad has been having health problems himself and I've been helping him out. I plan on living here about another year and then moving out. That way I'll have a nice cushion money wise, I'll (hopefully) have been on my allergy shot long enough for it to take effect, I won't be moving/driving in the cold/ice, and
  5. Actually, I haven't told anyone I'm an atheist but my dad, one of my nephews, my closest friends, and my tattoo artist (because of my tattoo) and yall (because I needed help and opinions while designing the tattoo). My 3 other nephews, my sister, the rest of my family, my casual friends, and my acquaintances don't know. Anyone who asked about my tattoo just gets told it's a broken infinity to remind me the importance of today (instead of the entire reason). Random people literally come up to you and ask if you know God (I lie and say I do) and if you have a church (I lie and say I worship
  6. I live in the south too, but in a small town that is extremely religious. It's the kind of town where I get super religious people lecture me for not going to church two to five times a year (and I only leave the house once a week or less!) and somebody says something Christian related to me just about every time I go uptown. They have no clue I'm an atheist; they just know I'm not going to church. One of them lectured me for over an hour! All she knew about me was that I didn't have a church and my dog was in major surgery after having a large thorn pierce her eye (she lost the eye, but they
  7. There was so many physical and other changes that I thought would happen when I turned 30, but nothing changed save one big thing. I quit giving a fuck what other people thought ;) Yesterday I had a a fun conversation with a neighbor. She came by to visit and I happen to be wearing capri pants. She said she "disapproved" of people who "mark up their bodies" and that it was "un-christian". I resisted the urge to tell her it was an atheist tattoo and calling me un-christian was kinda a compliment. XD
  8. My existing piece (next to last sketch is my avatar) is actually a broken infinity symbolizing the importance of a finite existence with hidden lowercase g symbolizing taking the power away from God and swirls represents wind symbolizing that even the invisible is not exempt from science and proof. It was my own design to celebrate coming out as an atheist. Everybody here was really awesome helping me tweak it ^_^ Yeah. I think it will look beautiful on the opposite side of my ankle (inner right) from my broken infinity. They have the same feel. I'm so happy I found it! Now if I could onl
  9. @bongsau I decided to save the clef heart for my right calf piece since I realized it would go so well with my other piece. It will combine my love of music and my love of Mamaw for it nicely. I like your red robin suggestion for behind the ear, but I've been having a hard time finding anything I like for it. I would like to at least go in with an idea of what I want. I really like black work, but since you can't tell it's a robin with that I was thinking of going neo traditional, new school, or cartoon for this. I want something with good lines so it won't age too terribly. Everything I'
  10. @Graeme I've only seen one in real life that didn't look like crap (which is the norm for most ink around here unfortunately). She had a little tribal style flower on her upper ear and a rose behind (and 5 or 6 others she named off). She said the ear was weird because it moved a lot and needed a touch up and that behind the ear hurt like a SOB. The one on her ear was faded somewhat, but she tans. It still looked nice though. Most others I've seen IRL are either green or blown out to kingdom come or just bad. I found one online that was a simple black flower with a piercing in the center that l
  11. I like behind the ear too although I imagine it's different for females. A good one looks damn sexy with an updo, but can be hidden for work if need be. A well inked friend of mine told me they hurt like a SOB though, but it makes sense they would (skin on bone + lots of nerves = ouch). Each person is their own. I've seen lots of flower designs with a piercing in the center online which look great. Speaking as someone who's weird body has never been cool with piercings but is totally fine with ink, I would love a tasteful tattoo on my earlobe and/or upper ear in place of piercings. They'r
  12. Edit: I deleted that part of the OP. The thread is just about ear area tattoos anyway and I was just trying to give examples. It's not about my tattoos (present or future) or anything. This entire forum has no threads on the subject that I found via the search feature and as an area which many have had inked and many will get inked in the future there should be a place to share information and ideas.
  13. After a quick search looking for ideas for an ear tattoo, I quickly realized that there are no threads or mentions in existing threads about the ear area. So I'm fixing that. This is a thread for sharing finished ear area tattoos as well as ear area tattoo ideas, experiences, reactions, healing tips, and tattooing experiences.
  14. I'm 30 and my family loves to remind me that I'm an old lady now, so your comment gave me a giggle. ;)
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