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  1. Hey everyone! Just a quick question for you all. I had my most recent tattoo done (shoulder/chest) on 4/14 and I've been using SPF for about 2 weeks now. I tan extremely easy but still have the type of skin that will burn. Anyhoo, I've been applying neutrogena SPF 100/70 sunscreen when going outside and while the area isn't burning, it's still tanning. I'm applying religiously at the very least every 2 hours. Will this damage my tattoo? What can I do to protect it? Is such a new tattoo more susceptible to sun damage? Thanks in advance.
  2. Beautiful tattoo! I am also in a more rural part of Ohio but didn't get to go to Hell City over this past weekend. (sadface)
  3. Welcome! Loved your intro!
  4. My husband has only 1 old stick and poke he did himself when he was 15. Barely visible at this point but he would like to get it covered up eventually since it's an ex-girlfriends name. It doesn't bother me at all. I've got 4 tattoos, a nose piercing and of course my ears. He thinks my tattoos are beautiful and supports me in my decision to modify. I find tattooed men hella attractive so I'd be down with him getting ink. Then again, he's attractive as is.
  5. I know this tattoo isn't black and gray and I know it's not neo-traditional. But it's what I've wanted for a long time so I guess I'm ok with having it look unfinished. What I was saying is that I will eventually get more tattoos and now I just need to decide if I want them to be black/gray or if I'm going the neo-traditional route. At this time, I still have the option to color and/or shade it (or leave it as is) depending on which style I end up going in. Thank you for your feedback. :)
  6. Got a shoulder piece done on the 14th. At this time, I'm not getting color or shading. I like the negative space. And hope it conveys the softness and femininity I was going for and doesn't just look unfinished. Now I just need to figure out if I want to continue with black a gray pieces. I have an absolute love for neo-traditional tattoos. I'm just a little unsure how to mix my pieces.
  7. @xcom, It's now in my gallery. I think the main issue is that I am over critical of myself no matter what.
  8. IzzyBizzy

    Rose Shoulder Cap

    Rose Shoulder Cap Done by Kat Marie Moya 4-14-15 Spiritus Tattoo
  9. My recent tattoo was done a little over a week ago. It's definitely my largest piece. About 3-4 days after it was done I had stayed up way way later than I usually do and while looking at it had a panic attack. It was intended to be a rose shoulder cap (outline only) 3 roses with the largest rose on the top of my shoulder but somehow the largest rose ended up on my chest/armpit area for better flow. I'd been planning this tattoo for a couple years, the line work is very well done. It's the fact that no matter what shirt I wear (female here, so I wear a lot of v-necks and scoop necks), you can see part of a rose and a leaf that has me feeling a bit blue for some odd reason. I LOVE the tattoo itself though. Just thinking about this thing when I'm 50 or 60 and I can't wrap my mind around it. So some days I'm ecstatic. So happy. And when I'm overly tired I get depressed a bit. Could be the fact I see a piece of it in every single time I look in the mirror and I'm just not used to it. I hate that I have to be so analytical. I definitely did not expect to feel this way.
  10. IzzyBizzy

    Fear Not

    Fear Not on inside of my right wrist. Birds to remind me not to worry. My 2nd tattoo done 3/27/12 by Heidi Lail Smith.
  11. Realistic glass wing butterfly tattoo done by Heidi Lail Smith - Hellbilly Tattoos.
  12. Just got 2 new pieces yesterday so I have a total of 3 now. I'm sort of a newb when it comes to tattoos but I've definitely got the 'bug'.
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