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  1. Hey everyone! Just a quick question for you all. I had my most recent tattoo done (shoulder/chest) on 4/14 and I've been using SPF for about 2 weeks now. I tan extremely easy but still have the type of skin that will burn. Anyhoo, I've been applying neutrogena SPF 100/70 sunscreen when going outside and while the area isn't burning, it's still tanning. I'm applying religiously at the very least every 2 hours. Will this damage my tattoo? What can I do to protect it? Is such a new tattoo more susceptible to sun damage? Thanks in advance.
  2. Beautiful tattoo! I am also in a more rural part of Ohio but didn't get to go to Hell City over this past weekend. (sadface)
  3. Welcome! Loved your intro!
  4. My husband has only 1 old stick and poke he did himself when he was 15. Barely visible at this point but he would like to get it covered up eventually since it's an ex-girlfriends name. It doesn't bother me at all. I've got 4 tattoos, a nose piercing and of course my ears. He thinks my tattoos are beautiful and supports me in my decision to modify. I find tattooed men hella attractive so I'd be down with him getting ink. Then again, he's attractive as is.
  5. I know this tattoo isn't black and gray and I know it's not neo-traditional. But it's what I've wanted for a long time so I guess I'm ok with having it look unfinished. What I was saying is that I will eventually get more tattoos and now I just need to decide if I want them to be black/gray or if I'm going the neo-traditional route. At this time, I still have the option to color and/or shade it (or leave it as is) depending on which style I end up going in. Thank you for your feedback. :)
  6. Got a shoulder piece done on the 14th. At this time, I'm not getting color or shading. I like the negative space. And hope it conveys the softness and femininity I was going for and doesn't just look unfinished. Now I just need to figure out if I want to continue with black a gray pieces. I have an absolute love for neo-traditional tattoos. I'm just a little unsure how to mix my pieces.
  7. @xcom, It's now in my gallery. I think the main issue is that I am over critical of myself no matter what.
  8. IzzyBizzy

    Rose Shoulder Cap

    Rose Shoulder Cap Done by Kat Marie Moya 4-14-15 Spiritus Tattoo
  9. My recent tattoo was done a little over a week ago. It's definitely my largest piece. About 3-4 days after it was done I had stayed up way way later than I usually do and while looking at it had a panic attack. It was intended to be a rose shoulder cap (outline only) 3 roses with the largest rose on the top of my shoulder but somehow the largest rose ended up on my chest/armpit area for better flow. I'd been planning this tattoo for a couple years, the line work is very well done. It's the fact that no matter what shirt I wear (female here, so I wear a lot of v-necks and scoop necks), you can
  10. IzzyBizzy

    Fear Not

    Fear Not on inside of my right wrist. Birds to remind me not to worry. My 2nd tattoo done 3/27/12 by Heidi Lail Smith.
  11. Realistic glass wing butterfly tattoo done by Heidi Lail Smith - Hellbilly Tattoos.
  12. Just got 2 new pieces yesterday so I have a total of 3 now. I'm sort of a newb when it comes to tattoos but I've definitely got the 'bug'.
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