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  1. Upcoming Tattoos

    @Cork Depending on how work goes, I'd love to drop in on your session. I love Johan's work!
  2. Full Back Piece Thread

    @Lance Hey buddy! nothing planned at the moment for my torso. Not sure if I can stand the pain and I kinda like the front as a bit of blank slate for the moment. I'm sure I'll get tired of it and have the itch again to get it tattooed. We'll see.
  3. Full Back Piece Thread

    Henning requested pics of my healed back with a black background. Believe it or not, it was tough finding large enough black material like a curtain or spool of cloth but luckily my local dry cleaner had something I could borrow. I had to email him LARGE files because he may publish the photos in something. Fun looking at all the details. Maximize your browser!
  4. Ass tattoos

    Rubendall and Henning said I "buck the Asian stereotype" of having no ass :D
  5. Upcoming Tattoos

    @Fala About 7 1/2 hours. First 5 hours were okay. The last two were really tough. I hate spine and rib work...just the worst!
  6. Upcoming Tattoos

    @Fala Yoni stopped by Kings Avenue Bowery during my session with Henning!
  7. Full Back Piece Thread

    @omeletta I'll post up a video after I'm done healing. I also picked up Rubendall's fingerwave prints! I have them framed and hanging in my bedroom!
  8. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Wrapped up my collaboration back piece with Henning Jorgensen and Mike Rubendall this past Tuesday. I posted up a ton of pics in the Full Back Piece thread. So happy to have it finished and amazed by the final product! Enjoy!
  9. Full Back Piece Thread

    Well it's been a year since I've had my back worked on and per our usual fall schedule, Henning was in town and this time we FINISHED my back! Some of you might have seen the updates via Instagram. So happy with this collaboration between Henning and Rubendall being completed! WARNING, PIC HEAVY!!! Put your browser on FULL SCREEN! The master himself, Henning Jorgensen. Such a great artist and humble man. Filling in the phoenix...tail feathers, breast, head and a few touch ups here and there. Such a pleasure watching Henning work. I was so stoked with the zebra/tiger striped pattern he chose for the remaining tail feathers. Touch up on a tender spot...the spare tire. Slowly getting there. Details details details... Close-up of the phoenix...beautiful! Full view from my right side. There was poor lighting inside since it was dark out, so they propped me up on a table and surrounded me with lights. A quick reminder of the work Mike Rubendall did on the lower half of this collaboration. LOVE his water! Another angle of my lower half. Here's the finished top half. Finished full back in all it's glory. My back is a sea of colors! Hope everyone enjoyed my show and tell! (don't mind the feet on the left or right, hahaha)
  10. Jaw, Meet Floor

    @suburbanxcore Travis is no longer at KA? I haven't been by since last year. What happened?
  11. Jaw, Meet Floor

    This O'Donnell back piece is still mind blowing in my eyes
  12. Full Back Piece Thread

    smooth as eggs @misterJ ! tell rubes, ricky wong says what's up!?
  13. Hello

    Tell me of this island called Staten :p
  14. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    @a1steaks Was it worse being lined with a machine on the torso or is the tebori beating you up more?