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  1. Emily wins for painting "lady face" in giant blood letters
  2. @Johannes thats fuckin excellent ! the new singer sounds like the guy from nuclear assault though :)
  3. Loving this @Johannes , thanks for posting !!
  4. Would love to hear that after all , Sweden is the spiritual home of D-Beat ... :)
  5. Coulpla classics : Reagan Youth (how the fuck are they back together lol) CH3
  6. I met Danbert Nobacon when he was doing that english civil war thing and he was a prick , that why I dont really like them. However Dick Lucas from Subhumans/Culture Shock/Citizen Fish is a gentleman - - - Updated - - - Think Pushead was waaay ahead of his time Pure awesomeness fom Glasgow And Edinburgh
  7. lol 8 pages and no Crass !! No Crass LoL Some ENT Doom
  8. TL , DR , I read something about human aliens and thought she could have got a cool alien with a badass lazor gun instead of some shite in ancient italian
  9. Freddy Corbin looked like he had his comments well edited . He looked like he was bored out his head and wanted to kill them all. Why is he called Sausage get a proper name ffs. They are all shit.
  10. I loved Jesse Ventura in Predator :) I just read N0S482 by Joe Hill looking for a fix after Locke and Key and I enjoyed it , though not as much as I wanted to. His ideas are awesome and creepy but the book was a bit jumbled and boring at times. Plus theres a car which runs its self in it , has he been reading too much of his dads books ? Or did he get his dad's feedback and he told "Its good son , but needs moar creepy car action"
  11. Pure trollage , just stop man .
  12. I enjoyed this too as a youth but only because of Rush :) Hope the american gods tv series lives up to the hype. I like Anansi boys better :) 2nd issue of the Sandman prequel just came out , looking forward to that
  13. Jondix, Deno, Claudia de Sabe, Xam, Teide, Dani Queipo, Marco Serio, Andrea Furci. amazing !!
  14. So irresponsible its scary . I wonder how Pecker and Nunez feel about this , they just seem happy to get paid in the long run
  15. Claudia is my favourite too, however my wife has got massive love for Dawnii Fantana's work . What about Jo Harrison ? Instagram