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  1. Emily wins for painting "lady face" in giant blood letters
  2. @Johannes thats fuckin excellent ! the new singer sounds like the guy from nuclear assault though :)
  3. Loving this @Johannes , thanks for posting !!
  4. Would love to hear that after all , Sweden is the spiritual home of D-Beat ... :)
  5. Coulpla classics : Reagan Youth (how the fuck are they back together lol) CH3
  6. I met Danbert Nobacon when he was doing that english civil war thing and he was a prick , that why I dont really like them. However Dick Lucas from Subhumans/Culture Shock/Citizen Fish is a gentleman - - - Updated - - - Think Pushead was waaay ahead of his time Pure awesomeness fom Glasgow And Edinburgh
  7. lol 8 pages and no Crass !! No Crass LoL Some ENT Doom
  8. TL , DR , I read something about human aliens and thought she could have got a cool alien with a badass lazor gun instead of some shite in ancient italian
  9. Freddy Corbin looked like he had his comments well edited . He looked like he was bored out his head and wanted to kill them all. Why is he called Sausage get a proper name ffs. They are all shit.
  10. Gregor

    Book thread

    I loved Jesse Ventura in Predator :) I just read N0S482 by Joe Hill looking for a fix after Locke and Key and I enjoyed it , though not as much as I wanted to. His ideas are awesome and creepy but the book was a bit jumbled and boring at times. Plus theres a car which runs its self in it , has he been reading too much of his dads books ? Or did he get his dad's feedback and he told "Its good son , but needs moar creepy car action"
  11. Gregor

    Book thread

    I enjoyed this too as a youth but only because of Rush :) Hope the american gods tv series lives up to the hype. I like Anansi boys better :) 2nd issue of the Sandman prequel just came out , looking forward to that
  12. Jondix, Deno, Claudia de Sabe, Xam, Teide, Dani Queipo, Marco Serio, Andrea Furci. amazing !!
  13. So irresponsible its scary . I wonder how Pecker and Nunez feel about this , they just seem happy to get paid in the long run
  14. Claudia is my favourite too, however my wife has got massive love for Dawnii Fantana's work . What about Jo Harrison ? Instagram
  15. Bottom line , you get what you pay for . Theres no shotcuts . You go the easy way then you deserve what you get. @DJDeepFried you are spot on brother , not a truer word said !!!
  16. yeah it sounds wierd , its something that you see being pushed by all those sullen art types
  17. Welcome @ElDrago ! I hope someone breaks your hands with a lump hammer
  18. Honestly theres no such thing as a free tattoo people need to learn that . Its part of the drama though , people love to see someone getting violated like that person that got the swirly horrible churned up thing from that guy with the sore back.
  19. I think when they interview and screen test them they pick out everyone with the wankiest attitude ever to go on the show . I don't care about the canvases they get the tattoos the deserve. Go to a real shop and pay for your tattoo for fucks sake.
  20. Ice makes a massive difference I have found. I use these kool pack things you get for injuries straight after the work for a few hours. I have really strong anti inflamitories which I use too
  21. Everytime a new style of tattooing comes out people say the same thing. Theres a lot of 20 year old biomech tattoos out there that have aged really well and a lot that havent. It comes down to the artist I think and how good they are a their craft.
  22. People worry too much about tattoos holding up over time. Live for the moment and get what you want. Lianne Moule and everyone at Immortal Ink are amazing.
  23. I've been pierced , but its a pain in the arse , so Im not pierced anymore :)
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