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    I thought I'd revisit my list four years later. I've been tattooed several times since then and other than Steve Byrne, I haven't been tattooed by anyone else on the list. The last tattoo I received was by Cesar Mesquita at Black Garden Tattoo. I had looked in to Vargas and Erl, but scheduling and distance made it impossible. That being said, I love my new tattoo and I was really pleased with my experience at Black Garden. Cesar is a really nice guy and I'm glad it turned out the way it did. Bottom line, I've decided not to be rigid. If I insisted on getting Freddy Corbin to tattoo my praying hands, I'd have missed out on an awesome tattoo and experience from Katja Ramirez. Just some food for thought.
  2. I'm currently emailing Hunter and Fox to get in with Heath Nock, so I think I have it sorted out.
  3. Sorry for bringing up a zombie thread, but I'm headed to Sydney soon. Hunter and Fox looks great but it's almost an hour away without a car. Any other options in Sydney?
  4. It's not about the name for me, it's about the power. You find the right tattooer, they can communicate your idea through their art in a powerful way. AP Shrewsbury wasn't a big name tattooer when I got tattooed by him, but his Seraph of the Crucified tattoo on my shin consistently gets the most attention out of all of my tattoos. It's bold, simple and powerful - that's the kind of tattoo I want. People see similar powerful tattoos on others and they're drawn to that. Maybe those big-name tattooers aren't hitting you the same way.
  5. Zoooombie thread just in time for Halloween... First off, sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I've been super busy with life post-wedding. That being said, I've been wanting to make time to get tattooed and it looks like sometime in the next two months is perfect. I'm planning on praying hands and roses on my left pec to balance out my chest. Tattooer-wise, I'd love it to be Corbin or Hendricks, but I don't think those guys are coming through Austin anytime soon. I saw that Katja Ramirez has moved to Rock of Ages and her black and gray work is killer. I'll keep ya'll posted when I get an appointment.
  6. Logging back into LST after a year (apparently).
  7. by Zach Nelligan (Triple Crown Tattoo) in Austin,TX
  8. Strange that I never posted mine to this thread; I must have thought I already had(?) According to Steve Byrne, I was the first person to ask him for a RoA (in 2011 if you can believe that), so I guess that's my claim to fame:
  9. I've met some very cool people and made some good friends of both artists and fellow collectors. I've developed a deep appreciation for not only other people's art but my own.
  10. Hell, man- you haven't even scratched the surface of weird. Those tattoos are more stylistic choices than anything else. Rassier, Harrison, Lehi, Lum have much weirder work than that. As to why, why the hell not? Why does anyone want anything-because it speaks to them.
  11. Or fathers/father figures need to teach boys how to be men; this stuff starts early. Just my .02
  12. Strictly shamrocks,sir; Scott finally posted a better photo:
  13. I'm a week behind, but I think we need a "Which undercrackers best accentuate squidpants?" thread. My vote is shamrock boxers, but it's not for everybody;)
  14. As an avid fisherman, that does not surprise me in the least:cool:
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