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  1. Nobody in the world cares about my tattoos. But I really like them. I've got a bird friend on my shoulder who will be with me always. Poor little Squeaky, the real bird, died when I was away. I never got to say good-bye and now I don't have to because Squeaky is always there on my shoulder. I've got a story of hiking a long trail on my leg. If I ever get Alzheimer's I will probably at least remember that experience since it's right there on my leg to remind me of all that I saw and did out there. I've got big blue roses. Lots of color. I was hated and criticized mercilessly all my life for
  2. I'd hate to see what has to be deleted by moderators there. There are some really good tattoos now and then and I find it nice to see some different styles other than just traditional. Not everyone goes to the big names in tattoos either and sometimes it is nice to see some good work come out of some places you wouldn't expect it. But most of the time the tattoos are pretty bad, especially if you look at them with the "New" button rather than the "Hot" button. Oh, and sometimes the criticism within /r/tattoos is that the reason why some stuff gets a lot of upvotes is because people like the st
  3. I started at the ankle and have been moving upward. I guess that's not normal but I didn't know. Or maybe it is normal and I still don't know nothin'.
  4. It seems originally you wanted an eagle, so I'd pick a couple other items to go with the eagle. Maybe tell him you like all those things and ask him what would look best with an eagle on your arm.
  5. I think the imaginary border I crossed was simply walking in to get one with no advanced notice or anything. Plus yeah, compared to the average middle-aged, middle-class person, there's a lot of color on my leg. A lot of NEW color on my leg.
  6. ExpendableHero - at least you supported someone who works an honest trade and who is an artist. Lots of people are struggling to survive, not just homeless people. You have kept one person afloat one more day. I went shopping on Saturday and decided I would see if I could get a walk-in tattoo. I did get one. I'm very pleased with it but while getting it the whole time I'm thinking how am I going to explain this impulse to my un-tattooed partner? And will he hurry up already? I'm late for dinner. When I got home I had to explain my delay, and obviously eventually I was going to have to show h
  7. sbhikes


    I realized as he was making my butterfly that he cleverly tied in the pattern in the leaves of my roses making it work well together.
  8. I just got this butterfly to hopefully take some attention off the mistake below and fill the empty space in the front. Bugged me that looking at myself head-on I only saw red balls. I did this as a walk-in on the spur of the moment.
  9. Dry heal works fine except that if the tattoo feels dry and crackly and uncomfortable, a little lotion is soothing.
  10. I think Megan Wilson at Analog in San Jose does nice lady heads. I really want to get a tattoo from her someday.
  11. I really like those ankle bands. And all the little fun tattoos is cool, too. I don't have "world class" tattoos either. Got some crooked and blown-out lines, coverups and inconsistent styles but I don't care. I like my tattoos, too. Want more.
  12. It would be nice to see the tattoos in a regular perspective with good lighting. I'm curious about the bands around your ankles.
  13. Dang. I'm in Santa Barbara. Haven't seen the sun yet today and it's almost 5pm. Long sleeves, long pants and socks to stay warm. Sometimes I really hate it here. Not that I want 110 degrees, but come on. Down jackets in summer is getting old. Fog. Hate it.
  14. I believe it is the fountain of youth, actually.
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