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  1. I've been reading through all of the threads and everything that people have been posting and i havent stumbled upon anything that talks about what artists like to see when it comes to good client behavior. i am a new tattoo collector and before actually visiting a shop for the first time all i knew was what i saw on tv from the reality shows like Miami or LA ink. so i like to hear from anyone on what they like to see when it comes to well behaved clients. ( walk ins, consultations, day of the appointment) i did see that "customer from hell" post and even though it was sooo funny, i felt
  2. This one's for artists and collectors alike. What's the longest you've ever sat for a tattoo and (for artists) the longest you've ever worked on a client? I've had several 5-hour sessions, which is kinda pushing it, but once, I sat for 9 hours. Without a break. Overnight. File under never again. The worst part is that I didn't really plan for a long session--it just ended up taking forever. I'm sure some of you have some crazy stories, possibly involving Shige, Filip Leu, and/or Chris Trevino. :) For the record, the last 4 tattoos I got took under 3 hours, combined. Much more fun!
  3. I understand each person is unique in their healing process and potentially holding ink and color tattoos better than others. But what are the worst things tattoo customers can do to their tattoos right after getting tattooed and long term? Thanks!
  4. When I get tattooed I usually eat something good and filling and show up with a seltzer or coffee or juice or all three. I've been doing this for years now and realized it's become kind of a ritual.. making sure I have enough time, etc. Afterwards, I almost always pick up a single Budweiser tallboy. Got me thinking because I know everyone has their rituals. Mine are more like "things I usually do" rather than rituals, but I really look forward to doing them on tattoo days. Pushups, meditating, any good OCD stuff??
  5. How far are you willing to travel to get tattooed at a certain shop? And what shop?
  6. Iwar

    Who are you?

    This thread is for those who want to share a little bit of their personal information with the rest of us. Most of you I only know by username and avatar, but because of our mutual passion for good tattoos I have grown curios to get to know you a little better. Internet forums are most often overcrowded with people saying all kinds of shit they don't dare utter in real life, but this place is different, and to me really precious. It's the only forum I even bother to be a member of. Anyways, my name is Ivar, I'm 29 years of age, and Oslo is the city I call home. I grew up on the country side
  7. Tattoo stigmas? Do they still exist? Do you have one or some? Have you been on the other side of a stigma? If so, where (city) and what was the stigma?
  8. One thing I am starting to feel is the dreaded wait to get tattooed. Whether it is waiting for a particular tattoo to be finished between multiple sessions or my new recent problem of long wait times till your first appointment. Sometimes I just want to get something in-between the wait times. I know my current roommate is still only half way done with a gigantic quarter body tattoo that he started beginning of summer and is dying to finish. How about everyone else?
  9. Today as I am getting ready to go get tattooed(again) I am doing my ritual cut things out size them and see what fits where so that this tattoo doesn't affect my plans for my next tattoo or the one after that. Also I want to make sure I utilize my space in the most efficient manner. I mean I guess the end game for all of this is to be covered, and while I still have my back piece to finish and my ribs, I feel I am running short on spots to just go and get tattooed on a whim or on vacation. Some people I talk to are sick of the pain and ready to be done, others are more frustrated than me b
  10. Seems like everyone is wondering how we will survive/adapt to what reality television and the Internet has turned tattooing In to. It's no secret that EVERYONE you meet either tattoos or want to learn how. Honestly every 3rd person I meet with a tattoo is some form of a self proclaimed tattoo artist. What people haven't realized is that the recent rush of new tattooers is putting tattooing in a dangerous state. It's simple economics...supply and demand. When 100 customers in one city want a tattoo in a day and there are 200 tattooers in that city..well half the artist are going to starve. T
  11. I will not name names just yet but I got screwed out of my deposit by a traveling artist. At a very reputable shop I signed up for a tattoo by a know artist and things got screwed up. We were set on the date and I gave him a $100 deposit. A two weeks before my appointment he called and said he had to move my date up since he is traveling, I agreed to it and move my day off of work (not easy). The next week I was at the shop with while my other friend got tattooed and I was talking to one of the guys there and mentioned I was going to be back next week to get tattooed. He said that the guy does
  12. I was wondering what are the thoughts of non-tattooers owning flash/tattoo art. I have been itching to buy some flash/tattoo art to add to my art collection. This does bring up the question....are there any opinions of non-tattooers owning flash/tattoo art? Coming from a family of artists I know sometimes art will not be sold to "the unworthy" or something along the lines of such. I was even thinking along the lines of having some kind of "custom" flash sets made. No real guidelines just a basic idea for what would be in the flash set (i.e. panther, skull/dagger, etc) Any ideas?
  13. am i the only one having trouble confirming friend requests? seems to just take me back to the home page instead of adding the person?
  14. OK I am not asking anyone to design a tattoo before I get flamed. I have had a great offer from 4 tattoo artists I work with regarding my sleeve. The plan so far is for the 4 of them to get together with a big old sheet of paper and drawing supplies plus me and my blank arm. What happens next is kind of competative drawing with each artist doing a piece and biding for space. I am hoping that by the end of the night or the end of the booze at least we will have a pile of super cool pictures and a stencil for my arm. Tattooing of the outline is a job for the next day and each artist will th
  15. So my soon to be husband has a tattoo appointment on Dec 29 but our honeymoon starts January 18th. He's only getting line work this first sit. Is that too soon to be swimming? He'll wear sunscreen and all that- we're not really sun bathers. But salty, wet, humid... is this bad? What's the risk? Infection, ruined work, or both?
  16. Hey all, My name's John, from Limerick, Ireland. Found LST on twitter. Looks like a great site, good crowd and a valuable resource. Not a tattoo artist unfortunately, only a collector, and it's still early days yet. So far i've been tattoo'd by Ross Nagle (All Stat Tattoo, Limerick), Patrick Conlon x2 (East Side Ink & Graceland Tattoo, New York), Joel Bones (Gold Rush Tattoo, California) & Jason Longtin (Deluxe Tattoo, Chicago) Look forward to getting to know ye. John
  17. Hello everyone....I am Bunny Switchblade! Some of you may already know me and some of you may not!!! I have been a tattooed individual for 28 years now and seen a lot happen over those years! I am a collector/enthusiast and have been tattooed by 49 artists to date! I seek out the best artists I can find to be tattooed by! I have a very satisfying collection that i hope to continue to be adding to for years to come! I also have a deep passion for the craft of tattooing and it's rich history.....although I have never seriously though of tattooing as a career! Anything else you would like to
  18. Could I suggest that some form of verification for new members would be a good idea. It is so easy to register, in my experience spammers will be in by the dozen any minute.
  19. Hi, name's Dominic and i'm from Singapore. Been lurking on this site for awhile now. I lurk on other tattoo forums as well, this one seems to be my favorite though. I have two tattoos currently in b/w. The word family across my chest and a day of the dead girl on sternum down to my diaphragm. Unfortunately, the words across my chest was not done as well as it should've however i've learned my mistake and i've been going to a different artist. I will be starting my sleeve end of this month, will hopefully post up pictures along the way and share my experience, though most of you are already hea
  20. duskymom


    Hi there. Thought I should introduce myself before I go into full on lurking mode... Friend posted a link on Facebook - that's how I got here. Looking forward to checking out the site even more; thanks for having me. I get tattoos I don't give them. ~ Rita
  21. Wedge

    What's up?

    Hi, I'm a new member here but not new to tattoos or forums so I hope I can contribute a little. I'm a tattoo collector from CT and I look forward to seeing what's happening around this place. When I get a chance I'll create a gallery of my tattoos and then I think a couple of people might recognize them from another forum although under a different name. I actually got curious about this place from someone posting links on another board. Wedge
  22. So the other thread on Best Post Tattoo Care has been very insightful and lots of good advice form both tattooers and tattoo collectors.....So I am wondering what is the number one advice you give your customers for tattoo care? Or maybe rather what is the one thing you want your tattoo customers to remember? The whole experience can be very stimulating and exhausting all in one and often important information is in one ear out the other as the body and mind is overwhelmed so would like to hear the tattooers opinions on this one. Thanks!
  23. My name is Patrick and I'm a collector from New England. I have a good mix of pieces in my collection, with work from 18 (I think) tattooers so far. Since my daughter came along, I have slowed down quite a bit (with my wife making up for lost time due to the pregnancy, haha). I have a handful of small open areas left, and a couple of large ones. Hopefully I can get started on filling some of that space in the near future. See you in the forums! Cheers!
  24. I just heard about his new site and am pretty exited to see some good folks and good tattoos. So, hi! -Danielle
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