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  1. thanks for the feed back. i commented back on that photo with images of the SJ mash ups

  2. Yeah did two of them.. I also did a Sailor Jerry mash up of a cobra and one of his donkeys...
  3. Enjoyed the new photos, thanks!

  4. I was there for this lil guy
  5. oooh shit! internet party!

  6. my Sailor Jerry stencils got all mixed up.
  7. Hey Man. I met you here at the Chicago Con. through the Frog and the CTC Gents, Chad, Nikki and Bolts and a shit ton of others at the hotel bar. That interview is lookin so far so good.. looking foward to seeing the rest you have planned.

    J Hoodrich

  8. cliiiiiff hanger. So far so good. Respect to Scott and Juan for doing this. Every great artist Ive ever met has pretty awesome stories and I wanna hear them all. Looking Foward to part2.
  9. JasonHoodrich

    top hat skull

    This is so fucking awesome!
  10. JasonHoodrich

    to do list

    Its actually on my partner... its stayed solid as hell. I have a black heart on one and want to do the other but that shit kills.
  11. yeah the site looks great.. Chicago Tattoo Campany has the link blasted out by several artist.. this is awesome.

  12. Welcome to Last Sparrow Tattoo and thanks for joining us. Chicago is representing full force on the site! Look fwd to your contributions as it looks like you are getting a hang of how this works. Let us know if you have any questions and see you on the tattoo forum and tattoo blog.

    Until next time....

  13. oh and myself.. but those ones are shittier then the ones done by non tattooers..
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