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    I remove tattoos for a living
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  1. If your friend os still looking and can travel a little I would recomend Woody in High Wycombe very highly.
  2. Hi Valerie Glad to hear you are enjoying your lasering! By way of an introduction My name is Matt I own Cornwall Tattoo Removal and one of the studios I work from is La Familia in Newquay down in Cornwall you may remember the owner Oli and his wife Jess have been to your studio work. Anywho on with my actual point, just to be pedantic the laser isnt still breaking down the ink after treatment causing ink to need topping up. The laser breaks ink up in the dermis and your body "eats" it. New ink isnt broke so you body will seal it in. Logically the laser energy cant possably sit waiting in you
  3. You are all miles out. This years must have will be dot work. Mark my words I will be proven right in the end LOL Anyone for a small bet?
  4. Just got your message sorry not on here very often. feel free to pick my brains and time drop me a line or give me a call.

  5. Would love to offer removal at my shop but always kept away from it due to lack of knowledge . If you have time I would love to pick your brains fella .

  6. Sorry buddy no idea of who is good in California. I would of course treat you for free in exchange for travel expenses and accomodation.
  7. Good lord I need to move to the USA and get rich and famous for not being a laser butcher. The pain, the bruising, the blisters and the scars are caused by people not understanding the process and misusing the equipment. I never let a client leave with blisters, rarely get even small bruises, have never left a client with scared skin and get really good removal results. Its time to do some learning people. If you are offering laser and feel you may be causing pain or damage beyond whats necesary drop me a PM I will be happy to chat.
  8. I think she looks great, she should be proud of herself for being strong enough to say no. As a side issue did she have that tattoo removed with an AK47? Whats with the scars? I think I should move to the USA, if thats an acceptable finished job I am going to do great.
  9. Hi Lizzie I am not sure how or why that picture was under customers it was meant to be under bad tattoos. She would never be one of my customers I am afraid to say for me she crossed a line when she lied about the tattoo artist and what happened. I am sorry about the mistake I will move the picture asap to avoid any further misunderstandings.
  10. I would rather be called thieving, liar, toss faced, knob end than Bush so Lauren Lauren sounds good to me.
  11. Had a customer today who gave me a jar of olives. She grew the olives at her home in Greece prepared them herself and bottled them in olive oil she pressed herself. She worked really hard and they looked great. I was gutted, they are way too salty to eat.
  12. Cornishtiger

    hey hey

    Hi Tick if you do the london convention and want to spend a little longer in the one of the studios I work in would be great for a week or 2. If your at all interested drop me a line nearer the time it would be an honour to meet you, your work looks fantastic.
  13. Good point Lochlan. Because of what I do I have been very lucy to work with the best tattoo artists in the county. the plan is to creat the stencil first as one piece so we will have a rally good idea as to layout before we start any inking. I am super confident that I will get a superb sleeve. I dont really want any new subjects as such. I am really thinking that I would like all the old standards but with a modern twist and in each artists style. We intend to take loads of pictures and a video.
  14. So far I have Flying eye 8 ball flames pinup hotrod hand of cards (aces or dead mans hand) sparkplug
  15. OK I am not asking anyone to design a tattoo before I get flamed. I have had a great offer from 4 tattoo artists I work with regarding my sleeve. The plan so far is for the 4 of them to get together with a big old sheet of paper and drawing supplies plus me and my blank arm. What happens next is kind of competative drawing with each artist doing a piece and biding for space. I am hoping that by the end of the night or the end of the booze at least we will have a pile of super cool pictures and a stencil for my arm. Tattooing of the outline is a job for the next day and each artist will th
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