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    Living between the Sacramento, Sydney and Bangkok always on a plane, trying to help raise my 2 daughters and keep my batteries on my motorcycles charged. www.sydneytattoo.com.au I have a full suit got tattooed quite a bit in the Bay Area by all my heroes and a lot of work by Matt Cunnington and Josh Roelink and just got a rose in my armpit by Chad K.........ouch!
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    Sydney Australia
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    Travel, Motorbikes, antiques
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  1. Ed Hardy Books for sale I have doubles of all these rare and out of print books that I wish to sell. A few of them are in the original packaging others are all in good condition no tears etc but not showroom. I have priced them below what you would find them on Ebay or The Book Mistress, I can combine shipping, items will be shipped from Sacramento CA Eye Tattooed America $50 USED good condition White TattooTime Art From The Heart $80 NEW (a few copies) Red TattooTime Tattoo Magic $30 NEW (a few copies) Blue TattooTime Music & Sea $80 USED good condition Yellow TattooTime Life & Death $80 USED good condition Tattoo Flash (Big Red Softcover) $130 NEW Rock Of Ages (Small Hym book cover)$200 NEW Permanent Curios $30 NEW Tattooing The Invisible Man $200 NEW I also have a few copies of Outlaw Biker Tattoo from Mar 1993 Featuring Don Ed Hardy, Dan Higgs, Alex Binnie, Marcus Pacheco, Elio Espana, Timothy, Jeff Rasier, Kiwi Kim $12 I also have a VHS of Micheal O Stearns DE Hardy Tattoo Art Gallery from 1988 was $50 when sold then -$100 I have a few more items I will post have a new Greg Irons book but unsure of price as they are going for crazy money on Amazon Payment via Pay Pal duncanvan70@yahoo.com I will be back at my home Monday 9th July and will send any items out on Tuesday 10th once the shipping is worked out, will combine shipping. Email me or PM with any questions ~ Duncan
  2. Dang.......you could get work from Jack Rudy, Tim Hendricks or Chuey for less than Cartoon!
  3. Supply and demand! It is fuckin Chris Conn and he will have no problem getting business, and considering there are mediocre tattooers charging $200 an hour it seems like a bargain to me, but heck I got 3 tattoos from him back when the hourly rate would get you one piece. But lets face it getting tattooed by the likes of Deutsche, Sylvia, Lehi, Wilson etc they get twice or more done in an hour than most would do in 2 so it halves the hourly rate anyway, Chris is not fast but is he is super efficient!
  4. 75xs670


    Will take a few snaps, I have one in Sydney that is on a rigid frame and more tricked up but the one I have in Sac is Brat Style!
  5. Eddy D always did the best ones in my mind, but damn the bar has been raised lately with Lehi, Stell,Wilson, Arriola, and Chad I could just get tigers from them and die happy!
  6. 75xs670


    Ross do they sell the book in Spider Murphys?
  7. 75xs670


    Yeah that is what I am scared of..........well I had a good day and the Buckshot Bar in SF have some new decorations for their walls, so who knows1
  8. 75xs670


    Want that one bad!
  9. Like or dislike the guy he deserves his place in history. A buddy of mine has a now covered up bit of his tribal junk that he specifically asked to not have has his initials put in, but the sneaky bugger did em backwards so when he looked in the mirror there were the immortal JS initials. But pretty classic stuff Lower East Side with the telephone booth you had to call from so he could scope you out before he let you in!
  10. Fast is not always good! And I think you can tell when stuff has really been busted on quickly, but having said that I am a big fan of confident looking tattooing it should not turn into a dick contest! Eddy D was by far the fastest I have been tattooed by with Chris Conn being the slowest also Jack Rudy certainly took his time but would not trade the overall experience.
  11. Hey Duncan. This is Rob Junod. I moved from Cold Steel down to Body Manipulations. Hope your travels are going well, and I'm sure I'll see you soon.

  12. It is interesting that 222 will always be revered in the same was Realistic was, Scott did the roses on my neck in '99 I do have an Eddy story tho, I grew up in Sydney Australia and came to SF for the first time in 1992 and seeing Tattootime 5 and also a few traveling peeps with Eddy work he headed the list of people I wanted to get work from, of course my taste was pretty different to what Eddy was doing at the time and I had my buddy draw up a tribal arm design for me. So if it wasn't the first day I was in SF it was the second my naive 21yo legs marched down to 722 Columbus Ave North Beach and it was 11.55 entered the shop and there is Eddy mopping the floor with some scruffy bum watching (of course that turned out to be Dan Higgs) but alas did not see that they had not turned the closed sign around, so they informed me they were not in fact open yet which kind of made things a bit uncomfortable because I just waited outside and twiddled my thumbs for 5 minutes until they turned the sign around. Its funny because I did not end up getting tattooed there because of that (I went and saw Leo Zulueta in LA and he did the work for me), and I think I just wasn't ready but I often think what I would have ended up with if I let them go to town I sill think that early Tattoo City kinda set the style for the world to follow, now that I am pretty well covered I realize that it shaped me to do the research first to get good tattoos and I have traveled all over to get them. I did try to get an appointment in 96 with Eddy but this was a few months before 222 opened and he was busy with getting that together, so I had pretty serious coverage by the time I saw him in 2006 and he blasted on the mask in record time and this year he did some windbars with flames on my belly tying together the work on my legs to my front so all good things come to those that wait! -Duncan
  13. I just wanted some color on my arms, have a big Jap back piece, along with both legs but arms with big black tribal stuff so just wanted to break it up!
  14. 4 laser sessions over 1 year period Wish I had a before photo first photo is after the laser, but was black line work to start with, still looks like a cover up but was able to get some color in it as well
  15. A good exercise of memory but I had to look at pieces to remember. I started getting tattooed in 1989 and this year turned 40 so 21 years collecting !Some of these peeps I have more than one piece from but in a kind of order of who did them… Tony Cohen -Illustrated Man Sydney Australia Kiwi Kim -Celtic Dragon Sydney Australia Josh Roelink Tatudharma Sydney Australia (did one leg and various pieces) Leo Zulueta Black Wave Los Angeles Ben Te Hau Highline Tattoo Melbourne Gary Kosmala Everlasting Tattoo SF Alex Binnie -Into You London Miles Chaperlin Into You London Jef Whitehead Tattoo City SF Scott Sylvia 222 Tattoo Jeff Rassier Temple Tattoo Matt Cunnington West Side Tattoo Brisbane (did back piece and one leg) Chris Conn Temple Tattoo (3 girls heads……what else!) Theo Jak Moko Ink Auckland New Zealand Grime- AWR SF Freddy Corbin- Temple Tattoo Oakland Jason McAffe Temple Tattoo Oakland Eddy Deutcshe -Los Angeles Tim Hendrix True Tattoo Los Angeles Kat Von D True Tattoo Los Angeles Monk Ya- Wat Bang Pra Temple Bangkok Thailand Jack Rudy- GTC Tattooland Los Angeles Norm -Spotlight Tattoo Los Angeles I also got tattooed by a guy from East Tattoo from Taiwan and the 2006 Bangkok Tattoo convention that had a missing right hand (just a stump that he used to stretch with)that was cut off a little too cleanly for my liking while he tattooed left handed but I dont know what his name was. I got to collect from almost everyone I wanted to now that I have very little room left maybe I should do a list of the ones I would like to have had room for, I wish I had got work by Bob Roberts Ed Hardy Mark Mahoney Thomas Hooper Chad Filip Leu Mick But who knows I lasered a piece and had Josh Roelink cover it with a snake, but you only really get one shot so make wise decisions kids!