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  1. Here's mine! Jody Cousins (multiple) Jonzey (mutiple) Dax Brunett (multiple) Chris David (multiple) Andres Merril (multiple) Wes Dix (multiple) Jenn Lilles Bryan J Turnbull (multiple) Richard Stell Mike Wilson (multiple) Mike Bruce (multiple) James Buie (multiple, my fiancé) Timmy Tatts Some asshole who's name I don't recall that gave me a horrible tattoo Angelo Miller Pete Razis Dave Gibson Jeff Cribb Eli Quinters Randy Hall I think that's it for now. My current goal is to finish my back which is being done by Mike Wilson. I've also hear a rumour that Tokyo Hiro is going to be at Inksmith this year so if that happens I'm def getting one from him.
  2. Just thought you might want to know there is a typo in the first text block.
  3. I will let him know but it might be a good idea to send him a Facebook message as well!

  4. Not sure who these bumblenuts are you speak of, news to me! It's been fun, thanks for doing this and putting up with all the drama, arguing, banning. You guys are doing a good thing here and I hope it lasts a long time.
  5. Those stamps are amazing! But I'm sure you know that already ;)
  6. When do you get to come back? We're coming to TCB sometime in the near future... and Vancouver, next summer at latest... I met GB's sibling this last week.... GB is way mellow. But they said it's cause she's a girl..... Either way you look good, and happy. J

  7. Unfortunately it seems like hypocrites and idiots make the world go 'round. Hopefully I'll be already dead of old age by the time real life turns into that movie Idiocracy!
  8. Ursula


    super super nice
  9. Ursula

    grim reefer

    Grim Reefer by Mike Bruce at Inksmith and Rogers Atlantic in Jacksonville, Florida
  10. Ursula

    hot stuff

    detail of Hot Stuff James by Pete Razis at Inksmith and Rogers in Orange Park, Florida
  11. Ursula


    thanks man!