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  1. I hope you guys have fun with this cock sucker. I've contacted the admin about deleting my account and will be very disappointed if they don't follow through. Just FYI for people who chose to post here in the future. You can not delete your own account so don't post any photos or anything you do not want to be able to delete later. My account was made with my Facebook which allows users to message me there too. To those of you who've abused that I'd appreciate if you stop. People like myself are not cut out for internet message boards so to save myself any more embarrassment and childish behavior I've decided to be done. @Paulywhore guess you won buddy have fun with that. If you ever see my at a convention, please don't introduce yourself.
  2. Over it. If you can't see why someone like that should be banned then whatever. See you guys at some convention somewhere.
  3. oh. my. god. That dude beats the stupid miami chick by far!! "NOW THERE WILL BE NO PINK WHEN I POO!!!!" Not nearly as graphic as i thought it would be. I like how the tattooers are wearing mining helmets hahahha
  4. I like how he's trying to get on the quote in signature game, except he can't even figure out how to get that done right. Moron. For the record, I generally use wooden pencils. Maybe @Paulywhore would like to borrow one to shove straight up his ass.
  5. Assholes like @Paulywhore are what make me come here less and less. Over the past 6 months we've lost a lot of good members and gained a lot of dumb fucking assholes who don't even appear to care about tattoos.. @Paulywhore No one gives a fuck that you got tattooed by Bob Roberts and anyone came come here and name drop people like Nick Collela after surfing the forum for an hour. Please do our mods a favour and delete your profile so they don't have to spend time out of their day doing so. Can someone please remind me how claiming to stand up for women's right and all that goes hand in hand with calling someone a whore and then making 'aunt flow' jokes? So basically, I've wasted enough time on your moronic bullshit. Fuck off and leave us or at least me alone. I mean for fucks sake it's gotten bad enough around here that @dari and @scottsylvia don't even post anymore. Nick Collela is long gone, so's Mario Desa, havn't even seen Stewart Robsin and he had hung on for quite a while. So big huge thank you to all the idiots like @Paulywhore who have scared away anyone who has posting things of substance. Maybe we should put a petition in to have the name changed from Last Sparrow to 'Just Another Shitty Tattoo Forum Full Of Idiot Trolls Who No One Will Ban" Sound good?
  6. Yeah I don't really think it's that funny. My husband wasn't too into it either.
  7. Man I fucking love Bio-Dome. Not even joking. That movie has a special place in my childhood and heart. As @Paulywhore let you all know in another thread, I'm a whore, so I only stand when men with money demand it. Seriously, why is this guy still here?
  8. @Paulywhore Do you think it's appropriate to support the abuse and prostitution of women? Do you think it's o.k. the way many whores get treated by their pimps??? You're the one who sounds like a whiney rich kid, us who've been though some shit know how to take a joke. Apparently it's ok. for @missStark to say all these people should fucking die, but not for me to make a joke about rape? Get a fucking life. p.s. I came out long before The Little Mermaid and "Ursala The Evil Seawitch" - - - Updated - - - Plus I'm pretty sure any joke I make about rape is nowhere near as damaging as the joke that chick had made out of herself on a daily basis for it seems quite some time now. - - - Updated - - - OMG GUYS NEW SIGNATURE!!!!
  9. @missStark - you should see the video of her showing off her new clothes! Shows her full body and her disgusting house. It's got like half a million youtube hits too. It's amazing to me that a un educated slob like that is such a hit. Good for her though I guess, she's certainly bringing in that youtube money! I wish I had some... Maybe I should get my butthole tattooed....
  10. I feel bad for anyone who has to be around that woman at any point during their day, be it at work, at home or because they are friends. What an ignorant fucking cunt. How about you get over yourself and realize that your children aren't 3 year olds anymore and there isn't shit you can do about it. If she really loved her son as much as she claims, she'd have no problem over looking something so superficial and realize he's the same little boy she raised, and he's turned out the way he has because of how she raised him.
  11. In my earlier post I was actually going to say something like "Well she was obviously raped by her dad" then I thought that would be mean. Turns out I was right! According to her, getting father raped will "gave me a free pass to live however I want and have fun." Wish I woulda known the secret to being free and happy 15 years ago!!
  12. What a fucking waste of ink. Hmmmm how can I as a barely tattooed and not super attractive chick get all the attention at a convention in Miami where some of the sexiest hoes live? I know I'll show my asshole to everyone!!! It seems like her asshole doesn't smell to great either, I've never seen a tattooer wearing face mask before. She's probably a stripper and I'm surprised she's even wearing that poor excuse for a skirt. This is the type of chick that makes idiots on the street ask me things like "If I asked to see all your tattoos would you get naked right now?". Thanks whore. p.s. lay off the fucking cocaine.
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