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  1. it sounds great...any day but the 21st for me and steve 18-22 San Francisco
  2. We always think of it too late, but what about an LST get together...meet in the lobby bar, dinner or whatever...
  3. Let's all wish, @hogg a Happy Birthday. Hope you had an awesome day with your friends and family!
  4. Playing a game of tattoo roulette, Ryan Gosling ended up with a tattoo of Ryan Gosling on his Right Calf.
  5. i saw this and some of the reactions were really bad.
  6. tammy

    Walking Dead

    that episode was like "whoa"...super juicy. bummed season finale is next week...the season goes by wayyy too quickly.
  7. Billy Gibby of Anchorage, Alaska, said he would tattoo other parts of his body with ‘sponsored’ ink in exchange for the removal of the ones that currently cover his face. I wonder if the advertisers that spent $$ to tattoo their adverts on his face will be pissed at this. Read more: ‘Billy the Human Billboard’ wants his face tattoos removedÂ* - NY Daily News
  8. tammy

    Walking Dead

    gaaahhh!! last nights episode was so good but damn andrea!
  9. tammy

    Walking Dead

    We watch it pretty religiously. You know that....we have discussed where we would hole up ;) Seriously, what is wrong with Andrea? Why do they make these women characters such nitwits?
  10. Go Slayer, go! It will be the best thing you can do for yourself!
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