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  1. It got to like 80 in Oakland yesterday. We have had a rough go of it. God forbid it gets to 85-90.
  2. Tons of fly fishin'. I hate being stuck in an office for 50-60 hours a week, so getting out every weekend is pretty much mandatory at this point in order for me to not lose it on the daily. I recently got out with Mr. Chuck Ragan from HWM a couple times. I felt like a total fan boy/nerd. also joined a great gym and getting back in shape since I'm getting married this year.
  3. I'm with you on the lower inner thigh. I thought the kneecap was going to be bad... I was wishing for more knee the deeper Chad got!
  4. STOKED. I'll be out with my fiance... this time I'm hoping to spend more than 23 hours on the ground.
  5. It looks great. I'll get him to send me a picture today.
  6. Old left knee and new right knee from Chad Koeplinger. If feels good to finally have this shit out of the way.
  7. Anyone getting tattooed at the convention today? I'll be at Chad's booth @ 7 tonight. Look for the dude hating his life getting his knee done.
  8. I'm slowly chipping away at my newly appointed fiancé to let me start my back. It's not going well, but I have hope. Marriage is about compromise, right?
  9. I'm trying to convince myself to come out on Saturday as well, but after the other knee gets finished, the likelihood of that happening is pretty low. I really wanted to also get something from Danny Reed this year, too.
  10. I just booked my other knee with Chad K. for the SFO convention. I am hoping that not showing up slightly hungover and nauseous will make for a better tattoo experience.
  11. Those are some big steps @CultExciter. Congrats!
  12. Sold. I was going to do Judge hammers, but I would need to be made a moderator before gettin' that. That is a promotion which I am not expecting any time soon.
  13. Boy, your return flight must have been just as fun as mine was.
  14. No way dude! I saw him post that on Instagram. Such a solid piece! LST dude/dudettes need some sort of a general LST tattoo to we all recognize each other! And thanks. It feels horrible right now.
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