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  1. Leave it alone. It takes a while to settle in the skin.
  2. I picked up the two books recommended, the Kojiki and Japanese Mythology. The Kojiki is some heavy reading for sure, like most ancient texts. Got a few pages in before putting it down. The Japanese Mythology book on the other hand is fantastic. Its a glossary of a bunch of Japanese characters and myths, and has a introductory section about 100 pages long explaining the context of Japanese culture, history and religion. It outlines the Kojiki and the other "official" ancient myth books. Great buy. I should pick up the Kojiki again some time soon.
  3. Although sakura are my favorite, the peoney is a good choice. Horkin's wife's nipples are peoney, and there are allot of old bodysuits with peoney nipples. As you can see, larger slowers are much more typical as it hides more of the aeriola. Awesome photoshoping by the way!
  4. Got 4 tattoos recently. Posting here for info for other people healing with derm and for myself in the future. Once the tattoos were completed, instead of using Saniderm over night like I normally do, I just used the meat bandages the tattoos gave me. I realized having to take off saniderm after 24 hours and then putting on the final sheet for 5 days really irritated the tattoo. The next morning I took off the meat bandages, washed them real good with unscented soap, let them air dry for 5 or 10 minutes and applied the saniderm. To test out how long is best, I left 2 on for 5 days, and the other 2 on for 6 days, counting the day I first put the saniderm on. I always had a problem where the derm would rip off flakes prematurely and either bleed or make them scab, but this didnt happen much at all. The only one that had some rough spots was the giesha on my forearm, which I left on for 5 days. Not sure why. Might have to do with the fact it weeped allot and hardened up. Every part that was having trouble with after the initial derm removal I just put a tiny patch of derm on to keep it from scabbing and they healed up just fine. The Fudo cat on my knee healed PERFECTLY, which I left on for 6 days. Zero bleeding or scabbing. It also had zero fluid buildup, which might have helped. From now on Im going to do the meat bandage over night, saniderm for six days after that, and small patches on parts that didnt heal well.
  5. I landed an apprenticeship! I will be working under Jeff Wilson and John Dohe at Infinite Expressions in Charlottetown PEI, Canada. Realy stoked, but just trying to figure out money/moving stuff. Herecare a coupke pieces by them. Super low key, but awesome artists/tattooers. Im hoping to start practicing tebori early as well, as its something Ive always wanted to do. We'll see.
  6. "Starting my rib sleeve. #girlswithtattoos #inkedgirls #judgeme #suicidegirl #ink"
  7. Why would you want to be served by/ work for someone who hates you? Forcing them to serve you makes zero sense, and I dont see how anyone could feel good about that. If they dont want you around, then dont go. Let them think what they want. Forcing people to comform to other's agendas doesnt work, and creates even more devision and hostility. Who cares.
  8. The guy who made the first panther tattoo must be f*cking pissed.
  9. I wish I could change my username to "Just Get a Dragon". Would save me allot of time.
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