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  1. 6 hours? damn - - - Updated - - - 6 hours? damn
  2. i was bored at work and found this gem on youtube. freddy corbin doing some work on odb. i couldn't find a thread for videos, so i will leave this here. it is rad!
  3. got the star a few days ago. it is still the beginning and there is plenty of room on that leg but i like the progression...so i am posting this :p
  4. love this idea of dragon eyes. never seen it before.
  5. that should ring a bell. if not, check it out, it's great! Marcus Kuhn's - The Gypsy Gentlemen - Home
  6. there is some pretty awesome takeover about him on https://www.instagram.com/americanatattoos/ going on right now!
  7. no order: viet cong - s/t kurt vile - b'lieve me i'm going father john misty - i love you, honeybear beach house - depression cherry built to spill - untethered moon modest mouse - strangers to ourselves tame impala - currents turnover - periphal vision
  8. started this end of '13 with rich hardy in krakow,poland. then i travelled to london, paris and london again to finish it few weeks ago. so relieved that i finally don't have to get through that pain again. although the shading during the last 3 sessions was so easy in comparison to the lines. anyways i can only repeat that rich is the nicest guy. everyone should get tattooed by him if he is around. merry christmas everyone!
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