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  1. I'll have to check out the Japanese mythology one. The Kojiki is on my bedside table, I can make it through a few pages at a time! Haha
  2. His stuff is awesome. You'll get a great tattoo no doubt
  3. Thought I'd wade in and post a few hand tattoos I've done. Top two are fresh, bottom is healed. I LOVE tattooing hands! Which is really ironic because I used to hate drawing them. I used to want to be a fashion designer but I'd draw all the models with their hands behind their backs just to avoid it! I love Guen Douglas's, Xam and Ebony Mellowship 's tattooed hands.
  4. Please tell me that 'mice' is a deliberate play on words ?
  5. I have to say outer forearm. However I didn't find the achilles or ankle bad at all (in fact, in some places I couldn't feel it at all!)
  6. Most recent acquisition. From @helfire in Newquay, Cornwall. Little birthday treat for myself. Next to the first tattoo I ever did!
  7. Been chatting to a colleague who's a big fan of Japanese. He suggested looking at esoteric Buddhism for some more recognisable deities (personally I'm enjoying reading about a deity whose private parts set on fire because she gave birth to so many islands/other deities). He also suggested looking at Chinese Buddhism as I believe there's a lot of crossover /pollination between the two cultures.
  8. I started the Kojiki - wow! I'm a bit sad I can't read Japanese because I definitely feel that the names of the deities (of which there are many) lose something in translation. Plus the book I have has about an inch of actual translation of the text then the rest of the page is footnotes on phonetics and translation. Very dense reading but I'm going to stick with it.
  9. Personally I think it depends on so many factors : the artist, the position of the tattoo, your state of health at the time of healing. I've had all sorts of heals from perfect minimum peel, healed in 3 days to next level cm thick scabs. I usually wet heal and have used dermalise (and other similar products). For example I've had bullet proof heals using those products but I've scabbed at least a little everytime. Most recently I'm healing a small one on inner thigh, have used dermalise for a week, removed and now have some pretty big /deep scabs. But I've been very ill so I'm sure this has delayed the heal. I'm just leaving it alone now. I'm sure it will come good. You've just got to bear with - I just think what will be will be!
  10. I've been busy recently! First up I got this really cute cat and umbrella from Wendy Pham at Brighton Tattoo convention. I've been after this piece of flash for years so happy he's now mine! Next up (and also at Brighton), I got the side of my knee done by Jody Dawber. This was the most painful tattoo I have ever got. I was whimpering like a baby (and I usually never make a fuss). I had to dig deep to get through it! Thank god she's fast. And last but not least, my latest addition (again on the side of the knee) from my super talented co-worker Lucy O Connell. Had my eye on this babe for well over a year, so happy to finally give her a home.
  11. Guerillaneedles

    Kitty heart

    By Wendy Pham. Done at Brighton Tattoo convention 2016.
  12. This is a great start thanks. I've ordered from crystal before and I'm trying to avoid it now as it's always such a pain! My last order was over 6 months to get to me. I'll go and try and find those other books now. I'm in the UK so fingers crossed.
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