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  1. Guess I'm not welcome here anymore ... Best wishes to those with whom I had pleasant, respectful interactions. Actually ... best wishes to everyone ... :)
  2. No worries ... :) You are the one who will wear them ... so while it's not necessary that they all be filled with profound meaning, I do think it's better if the ideas come from you. Take your time and enjoy the brainstorming, which is a fun part of the process and leave the puzzle of making it work to the tattoo artist. :)
  3. Your tattoos are beautifully done. :) I am sure a good tattoo artist could get you all sleeved up and be able to tie the styles together seamlessly... any ideas what you would like to add to these? Welcome to the LST forum. :)
  4. It's a good definition Dan ... Only a true "scratcher" who is delusional would take offence to that or feel disrespected by it..
  5. There seem to be a few definitions out there ... I was curious what YOURS was ... but nevermind.
  6. Yes, you're right ... I shouldn't have asked that. Yes, indeed I will :)
  7. Even your poison apple is cheerful! All your tattoos make me smile.
  8. On that train of thought ... I would be curious to know your definition of the word scratcher...
  9. We are all entitled to our pet peeves and personal opinions. I'm entitled to think what I'm doing is pretty cool ... and you are entitled to think it's not cool. :)
  10. Hahaha ... exactly! :D There is no such thing as perfect. It's unreasonable to expect anything more than near-perfect. :)
  11. Would you rather risk this? Each to his own, but for myself health comes before all else. (warning: graphic)
  12. I have no intentions of tattooing anyone else, rest easy. :) I suppose the reason I'm doing it is the same as most tattoo artists who went before me ... love of tattoos and love of art. I was just hoping someone with a little know how would throw me a bone or two regarding color ... knowledge is always appreciated.
  13. Something that really caught me off guard in applying color for the first time was the excessive deviation of colors from bottle to skin. I have read that our own skin pigment will change them somewhat ... but I was not expecting such a drastic difference! The blackish, bluish wings, tail and ears for example were done with this teal and The "pink" parts were done with this orange shade ... The mustard tone yellow stayed true and The lighter blue areas were my own mix and pretty much what I expected. There doesn't seem to be any consistency ... some will stay true, and others won't! A little daunting when the only way to experiment is with permanent marks on the body! lol
  14. This is beautiful, Gingerninja :) I love the color saturation in the tiger!
  15. Nice DJ ... thanks for sharing that article with us. I found it very interesting! :) To be honest, in my youth I had a distinct inclination towards ocd myself. In high school I was hand printing everything ... striving for the perfection of a typewriter. I would use pen, and if I made one print error I would crumple up the whole sheet and start over. I got to a point where I finally realized that this was not only wasting my time but also making me quite miserable, so I began working towards curbing my instinct to be so irrationally demanding of myself. As I improved in that area I became more happy. :) At this point in life I can truly appreciate the zen and wabi-sabi frame of mind... Youngjason, I do hope you will grow to appreciate them also, with time and effort. :)