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  1. On Sept 14th I have 5 hours booked to start my second sleeve. I am an old school hip hop head so its going to be themed around that. Problem is that its less than 2 weeks to go and I don't have a plan. If I don't come up with some thing soon I may have to reschedule. I would love some suggestions... I grew up on and never grew out of 80"s and early 90's hip hop. RUN DMC, Beastie Boys, EPMD, Rakim, etc... Anyone have some artistic ideas for me?
  2. I hear ya! Sometimes its not easy to wear long sleeves in the summer. I am a consultant in front of clients often. Long sleeves aren't that bad but when its a golf meeting the real me is out there. So far so good! I say go forearm! Good luck.
  3. Katrina in my wife's likeness - Family Crest - 4 Kids and Wife's name - Script "until the end of time" - Time piece set to 7:25 (wedding day) - 2 candy skulls (me and my wife) - rose and leave fillers Libra Scale has been their for years for one of my daughters.
  4. I completely understand where you are coming from. I actually like the tattoo, and I believe most people will. I have pieces on my that I would get redone if it were "easily" possible, but the reality is that only i notice the little flaws - no one else does. Don't worry about going back to the same artist to have something changed - especially if you like them. They get that all the time and have very thick skin. All great artist want you to be happy and are usually willing to make changes or additions. Good Luck!
  5. Thanks for the welcome and feedback everyone! I have 5 hours booked in April to start my other arm and need help. I know the theme I want but am not that artistically minded to put good ideas together. The theme for my other arm is going to be oldschool hip hop... I was exposed to this culture in the early 80's and it never left me. I always say is in my DNA. I don't want to throw a bunch of Beastie Boy, and RUN DMC logo's on my arm. I would love to hear your suggestions of a head turning, bad ass sleeve! I do have a piece that my artist is going to have to work aro
  6. just ok - it wouldn't make me do a double take. I agree with bongsau - too much text. Good luck on your search!
  7. Hello Great site! I am a 47 year old collector. Started over almost 30 years ago with the small pieces most kids got back then, and started getting serious a few years ago. Call it an early midlife crisis. Came across this site looking for ideas for my second sleeve, hope to get inspired here!
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