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  1. My thighs will form welts as soon as a line is drawn...like you can watch it raise up and it's really creepy. No bleeding though. A little Bactine helps with the swelling. It can be a little painful for me, but no artist I've used has decided to stop early because of it. But again, no excessive bleeding, so YMMV. Wildcat
  2. Oiocha, I will not be in the area until late October, but I will check it out...thanks! Wildcat
  3. S Stu....thank you! I'm not usually drawn to neo-traditional as a lot of it is too cartoon-ish for me, but I absolutely love all the color and fantasy style many of their artists use. I have followed several of their Instagrams and will check them out. Wildcat
  4. I can't figure out how to make the photos smaller....sorry!!!! Wildcat
  5. I will be at Fort Lee, VA, for several weeks at the end of October for some training. I've made it a habit to get a little something when I go to new locations - souvenirs, if you will. Can anyone recommend some shops in the area (Richmond/Fort Lee)? I'm not looking for a particular style, but a good shop atmosphere is a plus. I can usually manage to check out a shop and then make an appointment for a few days later, so a walk-in option isn't strictly necessary. I've attached some photos of some souvenirs I have collected :) Thanks! Wilcat
  6. @suburbanxcore Thanks! A perfect example of what I'm picturing in my head. Y'all are kinda scaring me about how bad that area is going to be, but I'm trying to convince myself that the numb areas I have as a result of two C-sections will help me....please let me have that one self-delusion :) Wildcat
  7. I did go to Element and got a great piece from Justin a few days ago (posted in Latest Tattoo thread). I wholeheartedly agree and would not hesitate to go back next time I'm in the area! Wildcat
  8. S Stu gave you good advise. I'll add to #5: I have a half-sleeve on one arm and a large piece on the other upper arm. Neither is actually very visible in regular short sleeved shirts. I have several large pieces on my thighs and lower legs and those definitely draw attention when I wear shorts, but jeans of course hide them all. I haven't yet progressed to forearms, as I'm not quite ready for something I can't cover easily (I live in the deep South and long sleeves are a rare thing for me out of uniform). You have to realize that you WILL get looks/stares, but that doesn't mean disapprova
  9. "Full front torso w/o boobs" sounds like exactly what I need to talk to an artist about.....thanks for the terminology assistance! Wildcat
  10. I have lots of tigers so I really like yours! I guess I just don't see many pictures of women with large scale stomach tattoos. It's always those little underboob things or something across the bottom. It's a nice large open space....I need to start planning something apparently :) Wildcat
  11. I know that I am reviving an OLD post, but I couldn't really find anything else on the subject. I am female, and although I don't care for the underboob thing (for me), I recently saw a picture that opened up a whole new world of possibilities in my mind(attached for illustrative purposes). The subject matter and/or quality of work isn't what struck me, but placement! I never even thought of doing of front piece that way - placed under the breast line, but continuing as one cohesive piece past the waistline, similar to a back piece. Don't ask me why this never occurred to me, but i
  12. I have found that very soft sports bras, combined with Tegaderm, work well for me. The Tegaderm keeps the tattoo safe from abrasion and the sports bras doesn't have the hard ridges like underwire so it's much more comfortable for healing. Hope that helps! Wildcat
  13. Austin may be a little further than I will be able to go, but I will check it out...where there's a will, there's a way, right? Thanks! Wildcat
  14. I will be TDY at Joint Base San Antonio for a few weeks in early August and am looking for recommendations for shops and/or artists to look at in the area. I have gotten in the habit of getting one-shot pieces when I travel, but have not had good luck asking people in the cities I travel to (and since you can't see tattoos in uniform, I don't have a good way to vet these peoples judgment of good work...lol). I'm not set on a particular style as I already have a bit of everything, the shop just need to be amenable to walk-ins (or at least short notice appointments). I'll be doing
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