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  1. Couldn't find a thread and my stomach is up next so would be interesting to see some cool stomach designs
  2. Does anyone know the easiest way to get an appointment with Chad? I know he guests in the uk quite abit and I wanna have him do my back, thanks!
  3. so a virgin mary with a skull face like the painted posted above isn't necessarily considered santa muerte ?
  4. Im questioning it more because im considering it as a backpeice, i do know the story behind it but a little skeptical on whether its the done thing to get something like that so huge when you dont actually worship it and just live the imagery!
  5. I've been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo of the 'santa muerte' virgin mary (skeleton instead of woman), I know theres been a thread on religious tattoos on the non religious, but I'd be interested to hear some of your opinions of getting something like this has nothing to do with your particular culture just because you like the imagery ?
  6. Strapped haha, are you sure you aren't exaggerating just a little? he is a professional after all! I do totally agree though, just wanted some opinions off people because his work sometimes looks a little light to me I just love the designs, much prefer the amount of black Tim Hendricks uses to be honest
  7. It's a stomach piece I'm looking to get, a cityscape/skyline with and angel looking over it in the centre and all the rays/clouds light in the background so I didn't think that would look gang related at all? just love how he tattoos buildings and clouds
  8. that would be fine, but the question was to help me decide on a style and it holding up and to help me distisguish, if I already chose him I would be indifferent about whatever his needle configurations may be - im not a tattooer
  9. Is cartoon single needle or three needle?, I don't really know the difference to be honest. I know there is quite alot of tattooers who tattoo the single needle style using traditional values which I'm guessing would hold up better, but ive not really seen any large scales pieces done this way with backgrounds etc
  10. What does everyone here think of his work? Style-wise his imagery is my favourite out of most of the fineline black and grey artists I am familiar with. But how does this single needle stuff hold up? anybody had any experience of it, cos some of his work does look very light grey and I actually prefer the pieces where he uses more outlines and proper black.
  11. personally for me finding girls attractive tattoos don't even really come into it, but I think that whoever youre with should be able to overlook any tattoo you want to get, unless they're just advising you not to get a poorly executed one!
  12. thanks, yeah I meant it just wouldn't let me, guessing its the post thing, I wanted to make a snakes thread in the tattoo designs section, doesn't look like there is one yet
  13. that looks awesome, does anybody know why I can't make a thread ?
  14. I love the heavy overfills he does, when he just slams a scary looking skull or something over whatevers underneath
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