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  1. Godflesh-A world lit only by fire tryptykon-Melena Chasmata tombs-savage gold Dawnbringer-night of the hammer high spirits-you are here pallbearer-foundations... a bunch more I enjoyed but cant think of. Need to listen to the YOB more....but i enjoy alot of albums that came out this year. Music has been great the past few years.
  2. I should be getting tattooed by greg christian agan in 2 weeks or so.
  3. eisen777


    I just had my second BJJ class...was great... tons of fun and kicked my ass. Boy am I glad I was running and strength training even a little bit before I took the class. People are really helpful. I didnt take the into class so Ive been kinda thrown into it but I dont feel so lost that Im wasteing my time but I see I have tons to learn. First time gassed and knee on my belly/diaphram...ohh boy wont forget that feeling.
  4. Nora is an amazing person...youll get something great. Enjoy.
  5. Going to be amazing.....stoked for you. Jess is thinking about starting her back next year so I'm going to excited to see more backs getting worked on. I'm also jealous about you being able to ride 20mins to amazing tattoos.
  6. We had a great time. @Graeme and @Pugilist are even cooler in person. Plus as he said great to see those tattoos in person. Its great to talk about tattoos with people who love it as much as us. Most of my tattoo conversations are with people who are not very into them and those are mostly frustrating. Even more bummed to be missing the convention now.
  7. I'm sure you know but megabus and amtrak go VT to NYC and it's not too expensive ESP megabus. Unless your really in bad shape $ wise it may be good to take your mind off the bullshit. @HaydenRose
  8. TOMBS,godflesh ep, high spirts lp, agalloch, young widows,TRIPTYKON, eyehategod,SWANS..... I actually like the new mastodon....but not one of the best for this year.
  9. When I got my back extended over my butt I didn't take off for the outline. Chad puts it in hard and I am also a beginner so I think I was squating 135 or something small. Then 5 weeks later he shades one butt check and i absolutely needed time off. It took soo much out of me and my lifts were higher and is just worked my ass off past a plateau over 2 weeks before. Best thing I evet did. I've got 2 back appointments a week apart in June so going to take some time and do other lifts and change it up but only take 3 full days off and see how it goes. I bleach white shirts and put on fresh work out cloths when I'm healing.
  10. I will say you guys aren't crazy to be skeptical about how long he will stay but the last 3 times he tattooed me he was really excited about staying in Austin for a while and doing less travel. But we shall see. I won't get to Austin for a while so I hope I get a bunch of my back done in June. - - - Updated - - - If I wasn't getting current projects work on only I'd be all over this...very cool
  11. Totally...I really want to do barcomplex workouts. Esp when I add in more of the fat burning workouts/conditioning which is very important. Ive been impressed with my wife who decided to stop doing workout video and yoga tapes 2 months ago and lift is is squating 115 3x5 and deadlifting 145 1x5 and making good gains. Her bench and press arent high but its getting better. Some reason tho her stomach got bigger/fatter but it seems to be going away. Still lifting together is fun esp since id dint have a patner before.
  12. I just got to 205 3x3 squats (small goal, want to hit 3x5 soon) 140 bench (3x5) 90 press (3x5) needs lots of work... 215 deadlift (1x5 bummed on my lack of progress, but the wood harvesting/stacking work has been smoking my back) 100 power clean (3x5). Im at a point that im going add a day with squats,bench or press, then back extentions or GHR or hip thrusts and chin ups or pull ups which is good because id like some change. My wife too really wants to start with hip thrusts because I guess they are like miracle gro for your butt and im all in favor of this. I gotta hand it to your guys all of you kinda helped put me on the right path and even tho i havent burned off a bunch of my fat I can see big muscle improvements and im getting stronger. Im going to take some time off in may to run/hike and burn of some fat without eating all my gains but we will see how that goes.
  13. Yea...personally I think the new one has a slight edge above the last one. Monotheist was great...I see that as the start of the new great era. @Graeme I miss them during my time off from going to shows phase but it seems like Im still not going to shows even tho I want to.
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