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    music and reading. Current favorite bands include: Gaslight Anthem, Bring me the Horizon

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  1. - - - Updated - - - Just wanted to share, I love her. Pulled from tumblr.. the tag says the artist is Bradley Stevens - Fun City - NYC
  2. Hi - long-time stalker, first-time poster - I just posted this in my intro but wanted to share it here too. Done by Tattoo John at San Jose Tattoo (still healing):
  3. Just wanted to introduce myself. I got my first tattoo done about 4 years ago, and have added a few since then when my wallet allows. Most of my inspiration for tattoos come from songs and music that I can relate to certain events and important moments in my life. Anyway, this forum seems awesome and I'm looking forward to getting into it. Attached is a photo of my latest, still healing, from San Jose Tattoo (by Tattoo John):
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