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  1. Doesn't get much more killer than this. Dude, you're a beast, and I mean that in the best possible way ;)
  2. Nice ! I just found this. I got tattooed by Bill a couple of years ago at Tattoo Peter in Amsterdam. Very cool, laid back guy. Thanks for posting.
  3. Well, I guess I'll throw my "cat" in the ring (groannnn haha). I'm very happy with how this turned out. The pics are of the fresh tattoo. It has healed beautifully. Done a month ago by Franz Stefanik at the Okey Doke in Toronto, ON. I'll toss in the before and after pics too as it was a cover up of a sad old bird. 32 years old to be exact. And, I love the line work !
  4. I briefly met an older gentlemen a few summers ago that had matching panther/snake designs on his inner forearms. Same design only mirror image, same artist , done within a year of each other, although one had aged significantly better than the other. I asked him why he chose to get the same tattoo twice. He just said because he really liked the design. I thought that was pretty bad ass and have since considered such a move. Some might look upon it as a waste of real estate but, I think it's cool idea at the same time.
  5. Panthers ;) Sure. I'm down. I always liked the contest and had missed it. Cool idea. "Fillers", I agree, may be too open to interpretation and might make for a convoluted comeback for the contest.
  6. Finally ! I have a reason to post haha ! So stoked about this ! I mean........SO stoked ! Bandage and endorphins still on lol And the freakin' pics will likely be side ways ;) I finally got my crawling panther, like everybody should ;) By Franz Stefanik at Okey Doke in Toronto, ON. Awesome personable guy, awesome chat, awesome tunes. Just a cool chilled out hang and I got to go home with a wicked tattoo at the end haha. ..................................................................................................................... Wow ! Upside right ! Who knew haha !
  7. Man ! Go away for a week and come back to see the last two pages of people killing it ! I love this place. Inspirational.
  8. It's nice to see this thread get bumped again after a time. I'm glad that Bill Baker interview is getting around. Truly an unsung hero. I'd love to get tattooed by him but I don't think it's easy. I posted a link above a while back about Joe Prokopowitz who was one of the first tattooers in this area of southern Ontario. I met a man in a local sub shop the other day with some old tattoos. He was a friendly fella and we fell into a quick and easy, but all too brief, chat. I knew even before I asked that his work was done by Joe. It had the look. Sure enough, he said " You're too young to remember Old Joe" To ask random strangers to take pictures of their tattoos is kinda beyond my introverted comfort level but, I really would like to make a record of Joe's work that I see because it's becoming more rare by the day. This gentleman would have been game. I'm gonna work on that. Here's a page on IG that features work by current Canadian artists. https://www.instagram.com/great_white_north_tattoos/
  9. Kinda late to the party here but man . This kills. Congrats. The colour palette really appeals to me. Gotta get me some of that lol
  10. I would highly recommend The Pearl Harbor Gift Shop in Toronto. It's known as one of the very best and they always have at least one artist doing walk ins. Good luck and enjoy your stay.
  11. Here's a thread that might be related to what you're talking about. http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/general-tattoo-discussion/6868-asking-artist-tattoo-whatever-they-want.html
  12. Sunday Funday ! It started out as a planned group skydiving adventure. The weather, unfortunately, did not permit. BOO ! So my friend and I decided a quick, unplanned and for no particular reason, trip to Toronto was in order and we ended up at The Pearl Harbor Gift Shop. YAY ! I spent my skydiving money. Maybe next year lol Unlike my friend, I had no real intentions of getting tattooed today but it was kinda like 'when in Rome...' . Glad I went with it. I have wanted a panther head for a while and now I have one. Stoked ! And it's from Bill Baker flash which is really fucking cool to me. Done by Franklin Reeves. Franklin is a super nice dude. Lots of positive energy and laughs. Good times. And getting tattooed is way less dangerous than jumping out of a fucking plane ;)
  13. I realize I'm a little late to the party but, dear gawd ! @cltattooing , that is a stunner ! I had to leave a comment, and at least reiterate the the above quote "FUCK! WOW!" Congrats. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to progress along with everyone. Cheers !
  14. guitguy


    Just wanted reiterate about #americanatattoos right now. There is a 'takeover' in play now that has some amazing stories and history. First and second, or even third hand old stories about this art we love is so awesome and it's amazing that people seem to be coming out of the woodwork on IG to tell their piece of it. I kinda hate the social medias as much as I gawk at it but, there has been 'takeovers' on a few IG pages where I've thought to myself "This is really special. If one were to not see this here, it wouldn't be seen, ever," It's really quite amazing. The folks doing these takeovers are passionate and really dig in and bring it. Many of them could be made into books. I love it. Y'all should too :)
  15. By Tim Pausinger, Pearl Harbor Giftshop, Toronto. I don't have experience with the most painful spots (ribs, back, butt). This was not as brutal as I expected but certain spots closer to the armpit felt like hot pokers up and out through my shoulder haha !
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