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    I dont have twitter, skype or facebook.I love travel,food,friends and family.
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    it isnt work if you love it

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  1. good question, I may take a weekend flight solo if I get blessings.
  2. IF your at all thinking of going to this do it! its a blast been here a few times from oklahoma and couldnt be happier with everything from lodging to convention
  3. yo mel!


    been along time I wanted to thank you again for your help.


    instagram @panthersandeagles

  4. update on theo tatttoo ?

    1. Gingerninja


      It was good! We got the outline done. It's so cool!

  5. ahhh now i have to decide between this or west texas convention
  6. Scott R

    Tattoo fixing

    I think you got pretty close to the 1st picture you posted. Let it heal and settle in.
  7. awesome , let me know I will look out for you.
  8. year number 2 coming up end of april. Anyone inclined should make it out, good times good tattooing going on.
  9. I think my nips are pretty damn sexy so I am going to leave them be.
  10. Scott R

    Anvil Tattoo

    Brad Tierny
  11. Scott R

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Got this great rose from anvil tattoo in Altus Oklahoma done by brad . BradAnvil on the gram
  12. Scott R

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    so cool good choices made by you all around
  13. My advice is to stick around here searching threads and let it all soak in. I came here 5 years ago with similar story, I wanted B&G large scale intricate tattoos. Well turns out I was just searching for a reason to be tattooed (something that meant something to me) when all along I just really liked tattoos and 95% of what I get will have no meaning at allother than being badass, cool or beautiful to me
  14. Scott R

    Hey Guys im stuck and need help :-)

    I like the third guy the best but before booking with the 1st guy again I would have to stop by and see why I was cancelled on. Not speaking in techincal application but Your tattoos done by the guy you originally saw are visually cool, someone with more knowledge could chime in.