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  1. good question, I may take a weekend flight solo if I get blessings.
  2. IF your at all thinking of going to this do it! its a blast been here a few times from oklahoma and couldnt be happier with everything from lodging to convention
  3. yo mel!


    been along time I wanted to thank you again for your help.


    instagram @panthersandeagles

  4. update on theo tatttoo ?

    1. Gingerninja


      It was good! We got the outline done. It's so cool!

  5. I think you got pretty close to the 1st picture you posted. Let it heal and settle in.
  6. year number 2 coming up end of april. Anyone inclined should make it out, good times good tattooing going on.
  7. I think my nips are pretty damn sexy so I am going to leave them be.
  8. Scott R

    Anvil Tattoo

    Brad Tierny
  9. Got this great rose from anvil tattoo in Altus Oklahoma done by brad . BradAnvil on the gram
  10. so cool good choices made by you all around
  11. My advice is to stick around here searching threads and let it all soak in. I came here 5 years ago with similar story, I wanted B&G large scale intricate tattoos. Well turns out I was just searching for a reason to be tattooed (something that meant something to me) when all along I just really liked tattoos and 95% of what I get will have no meaning at allother than being badass, cool or beautiful to me
  12. I like the third guy the best but before booking with the 1st guy again I would have to stop by and see why I was cancelled on. Not speaking in techincal application but Your tattoos done by the guy you originally saw are visually cool, someone with more knowledge could chime in.
  13. cheyene sawyer just posted a nifty eyeband on instagram Honestly Id get my ballsack tattooed before I ever go to the face
  14. set up for mikey holmes at oklahoma convention in april, also thinking about ditching west texas convention and going to altus and get a rose or some flash from Brad at Anvil tattoo in Altus. @BRADanvil on instagram
  15. skull done at SOG convention 2013 by stewart robson
  16. I saw this, thought about it but not this time around
  17. hoping for a Mike Wilson or Tim Hendricks tattoo this year and would be nice to get something else from Scott Sylvia not too much to ask for huh?
  18. @sarahmohawk the male judge is meat gazing Ive thought about what I will get for butt tattoos as my back piece stops at waistline. So far animal head on each seems to be the way I am leaning.
  19. do your friends a favor do not design the ring. Tell us where they live or will travel and we can get some names of tattooers they should talk to.
  20. Scott R


    welcome to LST! virginia has lots of great tattooers. Listen to advice here and you will be fine. You might need a laser session to give you more options but as said talk with a tattooer first and research and ask advice on tattooer you plan to work with
  21. @ironchef fucking ridiculous @Isotope never heard the name but that is killer work
  22. @ThatGuy thats what happens when you dont eat meat, the gods frown upon you ;)
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