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  1. @Sagesebad listen to mmikaoj and @abeukeveld lines don't blow out over time, you need to check the difference between a blow out and aging tattoos
  2. I don't see what you are talking about. Also, is that Elvish?
  3. From what I understand Spotlight is the place... @suburbanxcore , but you knew that already
  4. @Shippogirl16 Sounds like you had a decent infection, but I'm not a doctor and you shouldn't take medical advice from strangers on the internet. I recently had a severe infection from a tattoo I had placed behind my knee. Probably the worst experience ever, but I didn't panic, just stopped putting anything on it really and changed my jeans every day as compared to weekly (yeah I'm kind of a dirtbag). Sometimes clothing rubbing up against a fresh tattoo can irritate it. Remember it is an open wound essentially. Eventually my tattoo healed up totally fine, just took some time and I had to deal with the pain for a minute. I would first stop by the shop you went to and show them what happened and see if they can give you any advice, and if you're not happy with the results from that conversation, go to a doctor. He or she will probably give you antibiotics.
  5. Hey @ChuckJ welcome... Just out of curiosity do you have tattoos or are you just another skell trying to make money off the hard work of others? I'm only asking because I tend to run into a lot of people who make some kinda bullshit tattoo product, that have nothing really to do with tattooing. A lot of these tattoo cream dudes or aftercare guys that have no tattoos and were never tattooers or never even worked in the field before, making money off of tattooers and the service they provide.
  6. Did it have a red ring around the whole tattoo the whole time? Did you stick to your sheets at all? Was there a black outline at one point? Did your tattooer tell you the design was facing the wrong direction?
  7. Yes. Yes it is. Especially @Graeme.
  8. There ya have it folks.
  9. Matching Hot Stuff devils. Boom. Done.
  10. Halo Tattoo isn't in NYC @abeukeveld , it's upstate NY (x2). The list: Blackheart Halo Frith Street Great Lakes Taylor Street Temple Elm Street Explicit I & R Badlands Rock of Ages Great Wave Ten Thousand Waves Trader Bob's Spotlight Shit, this list could be somewhat endless the way things are going...
  11. Again, just my opinion, but I'm pretty sure the color purple is not going to hold up. Everyone is different, but a tattoo can take 2 weeks to a couple of months to fully heal. For future reference, I would go see Great Lakes Tattoo, Taylor Street Tattoo or Family Tattoo.
  12. Is the cover-up healed in this photo or fresh? Just out of curiosity.
  13. I'm confused, you had it touched up already with purple or are you just waiting for the tattoo to heal before you get it touched up? This is just my two cents, but people of color are somewhat limited in regards to the color pallete(sp). I've had customers of mine, who are african american, go to other "tattooers", and have those "tattooers" try to apply yellow to their tattoo, only to find out that the yellow did not stay yellow, but turned brown by the end of the healing process. Where are you located?
  14. Ya know, there are three other boroughs that are part of NYC as well right?:)
  15. Friday the 13th tattoo that took 5 minutes, it was at one of Oliver's events that turned into a mini tattoo convention after Friday the 13th.