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  1. Cool! I´m getting tattooed by him February 20th, but not in Oslo. Going to Austin, Tx on vacation in April and will of course pick up some souvenirs by some of my very favorite tattooers Jason Brooks & Ben Siebert -both April 29th. Inner thigh filler from Brooks and a small oni head filler in my ditch from Siebert. Chris Trevino - May 2nd, six hour session on my knee (!!?). Getting a Emma, King of hell
  2. Was lucky enough to get tattoos from Ichibay and Jeremy Swed. What a great weekend in London! Nice to meet you, @ItsNewport! You´re tattoo from Tony Hundahl is awesome. And your backpiece too!
  3. Nice! Gonna be awesome.. Does he have his special convention price this year? Save a bunch of dollars..
  4. No, just renting a hotelroom in Brick Lane close to the convention and Seven Doors Tattoo. But it would be nice for sure. I'm so ready for tattoos, food and beer in London
  5. How much for the Lehi 98´set? Love that set if it´s the one I think it is
  6. Ichibay next month at the London tattoo convention, Tim Lehi in November and Chris Trevino in May next year. So stoked! - - - Updated - - - Nice! What are you getting from him? and tebori? And Mike Rubendall too? ..
  7. Healed photo of my back that was finished last year in September, and a fresh one to the left. Both by Marius Meyer
  8. Hope the line-up will be better than it is now. But going there anyway.. Who is going to do your chest, @Marwin3000 ?
  9. A heavy Chad Koeplinger cover-up/blastover from two weeks ago, photo from today: Tony Hundahl eye/flames filler on my elbow. Works great together with the Lehi tattoo I think. Never too much flames, hehe.. Tattoo from Saturday last week, photo from today:
  10. @Ninab, @Morten Marbel, @Iwar and myself are planning to visit the convention. I don´t have any appointments, but I hope to get a tattoo from Ichibay if he is in London under this years convention. @Ninab hope to get tattooed by Paul Dobleman, Theo Mindell or Bart Bingham. Also looking forward to buy the new Ivan Szazi-book by Alex Reinke..
  11. Hate the idea of red lines. I have some 10 years old roses with red lines - and they sucks! Can´t really see what they are supposed to be any longer. But of course it can look good if it´s done right. Hoyer did red lines in a flame who is a small part of the tattoo, and it looks killer.
  12. No, both guests in Oslo in late May. Not at the same dates, though..
  13. Tony Hundahl filler and Chad Koeplinger blastover in a couple of weeks, and finish my leg with Marius Meyer in July
  14. Nice, great idea! I´m also getting tattooed by him in two weeks at Invictus. Btw. I have a rose/lephard from him on my shoulder.
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