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  1. @Seaside Jimmy you should be healed after 9 weeks! what was your healing protocol? also, upload some pictures, it may help people understand your question better!
  2. not a stupid question at all. looks like you picked a tattoo studio already, you may do well to get an appointment on a sunday though. nobody can answer whether the artist will want to do it, you would have to ask them, thats also where you will get the best advice as to the best solution. with regards to picking he artist, why don't you go in the shop and ask the receptionists advice?
  3. i have a snake on my right leg at the moment, will be starting a snake themed full leg piece in December :) second picture gives an idea of placement:
  4. as @Dan said, there are no rules. however, if you are getting something small on your ankle its worth considering that it may get in the way of something bigger at a later date!
  5. i would be patient until your tattoo is healed, sometime blow out and stuff can die down when your healing process is complete!
  6. I have been told not to use E45 for tattoo healing, can't recall what the reason was. I used El Gato Negro for the last few pieces, much easier healing process. I sometimes struggle with ingrowing hairs in and around new tattoos, this seems to help out quite a lot.
  7. Transplant


    I recently read about this white tiger,. His name is Kenny and he's an inbred, he also has an inbred brother called Willie. Search for Kenny the inbred, its a good read if you are interested in animal rescue etc.
  8. Which part of your body is this going to be placed? it doesnt look the right shape for any part of the body, unless its for your shoulder in which case there is too much going on and everything is too small. @Gareth98 heres my opinion... centre piece is too small, skull should be larger. Too much background, maybe flowers could be larger and more involved. The main piece appears to sit on top of the background. You could make a good tattoo using these elements though. its by no means a bad starting point but you have to get this right, you will be stuck with it 'til you die!
  9. 3\4 sleeves for me, although they are somewhat pieced together.
  10. i have had a similar experience to this. also its common for people to have an allergy to red inks. hopefully this isn't the case for you, but the red on my shoulder didn't really heal. for around a year the skin was swollen and puffy, eventually the swelling went down but the red ink has completely gone. luckily its a really small area. all other red ink around my body has been fine though. i hope yours heals up ok!
  11. awesome thread, i don't know how i missed it up to now! my next is in December, it will be the start of my full left leg. i don't know what it will be as the artist Danny Rossiter will decide, he makes better judgement than me!
  12. Big decision! Too many people get stuck in a rut, waste their lives doing what they are told is the right thing to do!
  13. i think to summarise, if it would scar untattooed skin it would probably fuck up your tattoo.
  14. assuming you pick the right artist and look after the tattoo both should stand the test of time!
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