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  1. It's the lantern from his '97 flash sheets if you're familiar with that. It's a pretty small piece. Probably take an hour or less. I'm feeling pretty well and leaning toward doing it.
  2. Hey everyone, I just had a laparoscopic appendectomy 8 days ago. Everything went well. There were no complications. Normally I wouldn't consider getting tattooed for awhile due to possible immune system problems. The thing is, one of my favorite artists is in town next weekend. He moved from Mass to Brooklyn and if I don't go see him next week I may have to wait a year or so before he's around again. I just want to get a small piece of Dan Higgs flash on my arm nowhere near the site of the surgery. Do you guys think this would be ok or am I putting myself in danger? I know people are going to
  3. Hey guys, I think I've decided that my next tattoo is going to be a Dan Higgs moon on the side of my thigh. I'm just torn between getting it in color as it is on the original flash sheet or in black and grey instead. I love the way it looks on the sheet but I can picture it in black and grey and that seems pretty cool too. Plus the black and grey will hold up better with time. It will be next to a smoking reaper which is in color. What do you guys think?
  4. I do love crawling panther tattoos but I was planning on getting a panther head on my knee and thought that might be overkill to have both.
  5. Hey guys, I've got this old skeleton key on the back of my leg that I am not a fan of. The key itself is ok but I really hate the black shading in the background and always have. I've been thinking about what to cover it up with. I was thinking about one of these Dan Higgs black sacred hearts. I am not a tattooer or an expert on these matters. I wasn't sure if there would be enough space between the other tattoos or if the red would work. I wouldn't mind if it was touching the other tattoos but don't really want them covered. I figured we could get rid of some of the blood drops and change i
  6. Got another one a few days ago. Dan Higgs druid by Ryan Mettz.
  7. Got some more to add to this list. Sam Kane, Nate Hudak and Rich Hadley. Too bad they are all so far away from me.
  8. Some interesting stories in this thread. I got my first tattoo(s) when I was 22. I had always been into them since I was about 13 or so but it took me that long due to being a broke kid and I used to have a fear of needles. I was still pretty broke when I decided to get tattooed so I was trying to find someone who would do it cheaply. This was obviously a bad mistake on my part. I know now that good tattoos aren't cheap. I got two shamrocks, one on each arm with the Gaelic words for love and hope. I got it done in a basement by a kid who went to high school with me. When he had to stop in the
  9. Got another one from Chris Marchetto and it won't be my last from him.
  10. Thanks! I've been a fan of his work for awhile. I think he does some of my favorite big cats, reapers and roses.
  11. Just got this guy on friday from Chris Marchetto. It's my first one from him and I'm pretty stoked about it. Got another appointment for next month. Also, not sure why the picture is coming out sideways.
  12. Yeah true story, his moths are pretty epic.
  13. Joel Janiszyn Ryan Mettz aka Ryan Bonsall Chris Marchetto Alex Rojas
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