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    Stealing Your Man, Being an Asshole, Blowing Dudes, Lust, Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, Greed,
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  1. I thought maybe this was a good place to post my company's (Burke & Hare Co) collaboration with Ron Wells, we made candles and hand painted vintage plates this year-- They can all be found exclusively at Burke & Hare Co & a huge thank you to everyone who has already picked one up. <3
  2. Still, pass it on to anyone in the area looking for a fulltime spot! Thanks!
  3. You guys can call me at the shop and I can book it over the phone *hint hint*
  4. @Graeme Bummer, I missed you-- but heard you stopped in! ships in the night.
  5. Dennis at @ProvidenceTattoo again.
  6. Thanks! I am SO glad that I waited until I met Darcy to have this done because she was able to get everything right. SPOT ON. <3 ps. I want in on some BBQ action.
  7. Done by Darcy Nutt while she was guesting at Providence Tattoo :)
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