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  1. I thought maybe this was a good place to post my company's (Burke & Hare Co) collaboration with Ron Wells, we made candles and hand painted vintage plates this year-- They can all be found exclusively at Burke & Hare Co & a huge thank you to everyone who has already picked one up. <3
  2. Still, pass it on to anyone in the area looking for a fulltime spot! Thanks!
  3. You guys can call me at the shop and I can book it over the phone *hint hint*
  4. @Graeme Bummer, I missed you-- but heard you stopped in! ships in the night.
  5. Dennis at @ProvidenceTattoo again.
  6. Thanks! I am SO glad that I waited until I met Darcy to have this done because she was able to get everything right. SPOT ON. <3 ps. I want in on some BBQ action.
  7. Done by Darcy Nutt while she was guesting at Providence Tattoo :)
  8. Erica


    done by Darcy Nutt at Providence Tattoo
  9. Are people assuming it would look weird because you would be combining a horror tattoo with a saint? because if so, you could always search for Hell fire imagery, or demons, judgment day, the crusades, Salem witch burnings or Satan himself and keep it Christian.
  10. No for real, Dennis Del Prete @ProvidenceTattoo Also Wisconsin: Solid State Tattoo - Jon Reiter http://www.solidstatemilwaukee.com
  11. Just a heads up Providence area-- that Darcy Nutt will be working with us at Providence Tattoo end of this month! You can email her about any appointments! darcynutt@gmail.com
  12. Just for fun-- I have one more Ive noticed as of late, please stop bringing in your pizza, burritos, hamburger, fries... etc Eat before coming into the shop. I don't want to smell your onions or pick up after you or collect your garbage. Is it just me, or does anyone else find this to be really strange behavior? I don't bring pancakes into the salon when I go to get my hair done. COME ON PEOPLE.
  13. Thanks! ...I am taking credit for Ron's good choices. :D
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