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  1. gfyyfj (Go Fuck Yourself You Fucking Jerkoff) can i make that into a thing?
  2. i've been reading the gunslinger series by stephen king. i'm on book 3. series is awesome.
  3. this looks cool
  4. @heathenist that tattoo straight up rules
  5. i really need to move back downstate :(
  6. haha seriously. what the hell is this?
  7. i'm not a fan of seeing a sleeve of japanese traditional and then an american traditional sleeve. just not my thing. i want everything to be cohesive for me, so i'm sticking with one style.
  8. @Graeme thanks, dude.
  9. latest from Eli Quinters
  10. how is this even an internal debate after your tattoo became infected?
  11. heathenist knows what's up
  12. was just thinking about this. i totally rescind brad fink from that list.
  13. it all boils down to the every day normal person being dumber than dog shit
  14. i agree with you about the questions, but i wouldn't be surprised if that was edited in after the interview was done. if not, i completely agree. however, the dude should be cut some slack. he's a tattooer, not a journalist.
  15. This is awesome. Forget about the money, you'll be happy in the end.