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  1. The legends book has a fair amount of Coleman flash. The lost love book also has a handful of flash sheets and photos of Coleman's.
  2. A couple eagles from the book. Bob Shaw, Oscar Bouchard, Colonel Todd ect. - - - Updated - - - Floyd Samson
  3. As of today about half of them are spoken for. They are going pretty quickly.
  4. Haha whoops. Din't realize Shawn already posted something about it. Sorry guys.
  5. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up about a new book we are working on. Lost Love is a collection of vintage tattoo flash presented in a 200 page 9×12 hardcover format. This book represents a handful of private collections and is full of never before published sheets of antique flash along with acetates, sketches, and photos. The images in this unique collection were selected to embody the rich and diverse history of tattooing. Our goal was to show everything from folky to fancy. This book will contain unsigned flash sheets as well as images from Cap Coleman, Paul Rogers, Sailor Jerry, Stoney St Clair, Percy Waters, Milton Zeis, and many more. The first 200 Lost Love pre orders will receive a limited print of vintage flash with their book and it will be shipped in hand silk-screened packaging. Pre orders have already started and the book is expected in early Feb. can be purchased at Yellow Beak Press Here is a small video teaser for the book.
  6. I saw a little preview of the content. Top notch. So stoked Jason is doing this.
  7. PS- as of right now we still have a few of the limited prints available if you are planning on pre ordering you can still get one.
  8. Pre orders should start tonight. I don't expect the prints to last long. Born Weird pre orders | Yellow Beak Press
  9. When researching the Zeis book I came across a fair amount of info about Floyd Samson. He was mostly a circus and carnival tattooer. Met Zeis working with the Cole Bros circus. Stayed in contact for the rest of Zeis's life. He settled down in Rockford in his later years. From my understanding helped Milt keep the supply company going for a while. Zeis's daughter was worried something bad happened to him because he just disappeared one day and they never heard from him after that. I assume he got the traveling bug but who knows. I will have to do some digging and see if I can find any info about where and when he died. His flash is really folk art looking but very cool. I would love to have a sheet of it. Sheet below was on ebay some time last year.
  10. Yeah pre orders will get some goodies but thats a ways off. I am guessing Feb.
  11. I saw all the finished sheets for the first time this week. Everyone really threw down on this one. It was super impressive to see them displayed in the gallery. If you are near Portland check it out!
  12. I just wanted to mention this new project we are working on. It is an exhibit catalog for an art show with the theme “Born Weird” at Portland’s own Upper Playground gallery FIFTY24PDX. Craig Brown of Historic Tattoo and Scott Boyer of Yellow Beak Press have hand picked the contributors for this project. Tattooers were selected based on style and asked to paint four sheets containing gross or weird subject matter. The result seem to be all over the board from gross-out to just bizarre. We promise it won’t disappoint! The book we are producing will include all of the content from the exhibit and some extra material. We hope to have it out in early 2013. Check Yellow Beak Press production updates.The opening was on 10-4-12 at PDX’s Upper Playground gallery. The exhibit will be up until December 2012. The roster is as follows. Aaron Coleman Adam Craven Adam Warmerdam Andrew Stickler Andy Campoy Bart Bingham Bradley Delay Craig Brown Danny Reed Erik Gillespie Ezra Haidet Jeff Rassier Jeremy Joachim Jesse Bob Jesse Gordon John Henry Gloyne Josh Howard Justin Wheeler Luis Campos Matthew Welch Matt Ziolko Miguel “Uzi” Montgomery Murray Sell Nick Filth Scott La Rock Sean O’Neill Shawn Mcdonald Tim Lehi Zach Shereck
  13. Hats off to Valerie and Stewart. Top notch people and it shows through in my opinion. Deserving of all that comes your way. Ps- I really like the Zeis repaints on the wall lurking in the background. Nicely done.
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