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  1. The legends book has a fair amount of Coleman flash. The lost love book also has a handful of flash sheets and photos of Coleman's.
  2. A couple eagles from the book. Bob Shaw, Oscar Bouchard, Colonel Todd ect. - - - Updated - - - Floyd Samson
  3. As of today about half of them are spoken for. They are going pretty quickly.
  4. Haha whoops. Din't realize Shawn already posted something about it. Sorry guys.
  5. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up about a new book we are working on. Lost Love is a collection of vintage tattoo flash presented in a 200 page 9×12 hardcover format. This book represents a handful of private collections and is full of never before published sheets of antique flash along with acetates, sketches, and photos. The images in this unique collection were selected to embody the rich and diverse history of tattooing. Our goal was to show everything from folky to fancy. This book will contain unsigned flash sheets as well as images from Cap Coleman, Paul Rogers, Sailor Jerry, Stoney St Clair, Percy Waters, Milton Zeis, and many more. The first 200 Lost Love pre orders will receive a limited print of vintage flash with their book and it will be shipped in hand silk-screened packaging. Pre orders have already started and the book is expected in early Feb. can be purchased at Yellow Beak Press Here is a small video teaser for the book.
  6. I forgot Scott Harrison as well.
  7. here is my list. jef whitehead (multiple) tony hundahl (multiple) scott sylvia (multiple) jeff rassier (multiple) derrick snodgrass walter mcdonald ben thompson uzi (multiple) danny reed lee hanna nick rodin (multiple) steve byrne (multiple) eli quinters chad koeplinger steve boltz richard stell steve turner andrew stickler sky james (multiple) nick filth
  8. sboyer

    eagle snake

    richard stell
  9. sboyer

    oakland 008

    i had a funny space and i told him to do whatever he wanted. i love how it turned out.
  10. sboyer

    elk park 009

    thanks! i am very happy with it. scott sylvia is a tattoo wizard.
  11. Great collection man! Your backpiece made my jaw hit the floor!