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  1. Im in the process of restoring this footage- originally shot on 8mm film in the 1970s, converted to VHS in the 80s where this rip comes from. Doing me best to color correct it, but the VHS is suffering digital rot. Shot at Ken Myers Kissimmee shop.
  2. Tomorrow afternoon. My wife and I are getting tattooed by Rick Lohm before I head into work.
  3. https://occultvibrations.wordpress.com/2015/02/13/cliff-raven-2/ Found some more footage from 'Tattoo Take Two'- with Cliff Raven. Short clip but better quality than anything I've found so far.
  4. I had a list somewhere of the artists who were going to make up the 'new' season, but it looks like that's not going to happen now.
  5. I should have a post up soon with the contact info for the reprint. It's hard to review this book- I figure people are either going to buy it or not. the main point of the review will be to let people know that there is nothing but text in the book. That's fine for me, since I like Higgs's writing, but for folks looking for new art, it'll be a let down.
  6. I can't believe how much the first print Higgs are going for these days; while writing the review of the Antennae reprint I checked on the going rate for the originals... (also, my copy of Doomsday)
  7. I remember a time when people would bring stacks of books into the shop wanting the head from this dragon but the pearl of wisdom from this print with this Dover publications pattern on the Samurai's Hakana. Now they bring in google printouts. It's much tidier. Ultimately you don't want to plagiarize but having that heads up for what they DON'T want is as important as knowing what they do. Drawing something 'your' way is fine if you're just drawing for yourself, but when that other (paying) person comes in, it's nice to make the experience a little more communal.
  8. Was just sent the reprint of Higgs's Book of Antennae. Red eyes instead of green, otherwise pretty much samesame.
  9. Swallows&Daggers | News | 5 Tattooers to Watch in 2015. I was asked by Swallows and Daggers to pick five tattooers to watch in 2015. I went with three old guys and two young guys.
  10. Thanks! That dress cost $23 on eBay. My swell 'Devil and Daniel Webster' sportscoat was $80. We do it up right.
  11. I miss that dude. He only drank Diet Pepsi with Lime. Like only. Never saw him drink anything else. Thats living. And thanks. It was FREEZING that day and we had my Wife wrapped up in a mink stole and when we'd get ready to take a picture... whip it off, take the picture and then put it back on! I'll try to contribute more. I miss making fun of Ladyface.
  12. There was that time in November where we decided to say screw it and get married a year early, in a public park, with 9 guests.
  13. I gave it a wordy and pretentious review, Iwar. Job well done.
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