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  1. I got this a week ago by an apprentice at a local shop.
  2. Shamus Mahannah He also did another one that I posted somewhere around here.
  3. i can't get a good photo with my left hand.I got this done almost 2 weeks ago.
  4. I just wanted to say that Im sorry for your loss,and I like your tattoo.I don't think its too big. Its just a new thing on your arm.You will get used to it being there and probably like it a lot, in time.
  5. I got this at the beginning of September . I did post it,but only in the images section.
  6. I absolutely hate the "how much did it cost" question.I used to answer that question to a few people,but now I ask if they are interested in getting a tattoo.If not,I don't answer the question. Its pretty interesting to me seeing the reaction of co workers when they see my tattoos. They are people that I have seen and spoken to for a lot of years. I notice their eyes looking right at my tattoos,but they don't say a thing. Its kind of funny when the ones who are closer to me, make a comment and feel that its ok to let me know how much they dislike tattoos. I really don't care what
  7. I have been itching like crazy for a few days.I feel that the itchiness is worse than the pain from the needle.Its just so annoying !
  8. I got this on Saturday. The photo was taken the same day.The bruising on top is now gone.
  9. My next tattoo is a star.Not what you are looking for. Bowies last album.
  10. I have an appointment on Sept 3rd with Shamus Mahannah.
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