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  1. Anybody have any good star / exploding star designs besides the basic five point star?
  2. Does anyone have tattoos that have faded or become a bit distorted over time because they are located on crease lines on the wrist or elbow? How often are touch ups usually needed in these areas?
  3. couldnt type the other way on the computer
  4. This would be the other option - i dont see a lot of text written down this way and i dont see it taking away from the atom - I will be doing the other wrist as well and will go up this forearm in the future - taking it slow at first
  5. im here - im just looking for something simple to accentuate the small one that i got - im not a big tattoo person but im definitely a science geek and have been inspired by the idea of Carl Sagan that we are all made from exploding stars - i was considering just getting the words "star stuff" written on opposite sides of the atom - at least if ends up fading in the future it will be easy to go over and get something else - i am new to tattooing and just wanted some advice - the multiple posts were an accident - there are people on here that are incredibly nasty if you are not someone that wants a full on art deco masterpiece on your body - there are people that want simplicity but look to others for advice on small details
  6. I can see what you are saying - The "star stuff" phrase was used by Carl Sagan and I think its the best representation of who we are and how we connect to each other - What kind of image are you implying? I am an elementary school science teacher and I think the phrase in that kid looking font denotes that part of my life as well
  7. I decided to go basic at the top of the wrist (im a public school teacher) - under it i superimposed the text i want - just deciding on the font and size at this point
  8. I did get the atom symbol and now im already looking to add to it by getting some text under it (wife has confirmed that tattooing is addicting)- just looked at the link and im not looking to go that small - probably between a 20-24 computer font with a 5pt letter spacing
  9. What do you do, oboogie, sit in front of your computer all day and bitch about other peoples posts - go read a book or play on the swings
  10. Is there a minimum font size that artists will do in general for writing or a minimum size that wont look horrible later on?
  11. Getting an inner wrist tattoo - is it better to get it on the watch hand (left) or dominant hand? Also, i have narrowed down to two basic designs (i am a science teacher - nothing flashy needed) - any advice on location and design would be greatly appreciated
  12. The tattoo would not be text - it would actually be a single pic, something science related - i was just trying to figure out in terms of centimeters how far down a normal wrist tattoo would go starting from the creased skin
  13. Deciding on how big to get an inner wrist tattoo - Can anyone post pics of simple wrist tattoo designs or express measurements of wrist tattoos they had done?
  14. wow oboogie you are just full of sarcastic obnoxious comments - just what people new to tattooing are looking for
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