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  1. Finally finished this backpiece by Valerie Vargas at FST :)
  2. Here's a healed picture of my back piece by Valerie Vargas at Frithstreet tattoo :)
  3. Damn @Wilhell this is the best thing I've seen in a long time! Bra jobbet! Grattis igjen! :cool:
  4. Congrats @TrixieFaux great piece of work! I have been missing out on some awesome tattoos whilst travelling/moving house! :eek: Need to catch up!
  5. Here you go guys! Sorry for the wait :P haha
  6. Thanks! I'm very happy with it! Oh no! Let me try again! :confused: Not the best photo though... :rolleyes:
  7. Eilin


    Monmon by Horitomo
  8. Eilin


    Dragon-koi by Tim Lehi
  9. Sorry for my absence! Been so busy moving, traveling and getting tattooed! haha :cool: Here's some healed pictures of my dragon-koi by Lehi, and monmon cat by Horitomo! And a tiny lil memory-cat by Mary Joy at tattoo city! Had the best trip ever, even got to see Ed Hardy's studio!
  10. OMG! Haha this is so funny! And a little bit sad, Im guessing from the people judging this, it will be a lot of horrible tattoos showing off! And more publicity to the wrong people. You are too sweet @TrixieFaux @hollyjoybee :o but sadly I don't think good tattoos would get me far in a show like this! Im not enough drama :rolleyes: hehe
  11. @hogg Fuuuck! We are leaving on saturday! That's a shame!! Looks amazing!
  12. Haha! You guys are so cute! @suburbanxcore :)
  13. Yes thats mine indeed! Veery happy with it! And it matches my Bingham panther on my other leg too :) will post a better picture when Im back home. He took his time, it's a very small tattoo and it took him aprox 4 hours! He is very meticulous about his cats! Hehe He does do tebori, but he used machines on me, im happy he did. Can imagine it would take even longer with the tebori technique!
  14. @Fala LOL! I'm having second thoughts about removing it. It's growing on me :p
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